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  1. ridemotox4

    Got nailed by a Rock!

    You got off easy.. I got nailed with one right over the right side of my goggle lense.. shattered both my cheek bones, forehead, entire nose, both eye sockets, sinus cavity, and both my tear ducts. 7 days in the trauma unit, 5 screws, 1 plate, and 1 plastic implant later.. back to normal! Besides missing half the sight in my right eye lol.
  2. ridemotox4

    Any help on a 2010/2011 sub frame?

    Is it straight?
  3. ridemotox4

    Any help on a 2010/2011 sub frame?

    Got taken out on Tuesday and bent the subframe on my new 2011 pretty bad.. theyre back ordered from Suzuki until may 21, need one asap.. anyone know of anyone selling one thats in good shape? Any new ones? Already tried AC racing and they havent made them in like 3 or 4 years. Thanks Katie
  4. Where'd you get the kit? I want to get one for my pick up sooo bad.
  5. Here's my baby! 01 dodge 1500 with the 5.9 motor. sucks on gas :[ automatic, 4wd, power everything.. the exhaust is pretty loud! backrack, after market tail lights and head lights, bed cover, back rack, and 20% tint all around. It was bought how it is, besides the tint! the front windows in the last pic werent tinted yet.
  6. ridemotox4

    2011 rmz

    Finally rode my 2011 three days ago, first day on the bike was at Pax in Florida. The bike has a yoshimura pipe, Factory Connection suspension, ASV levers, a holeshot device, renthal sprockets and chain, works connection skid plate and radiator braces. The bike started with a few kicks, I didn't experience ANY bogging. The power is extremely smooth. It didn't want to start when hot, but I think it just needs to be remapped because of the aftermarket exhaust. I felt like I was riding a pogo stick around the track, it was pretty rough with braking bumps everywhere. Factory Connection put softer springs front and rear because of my weight. After a few pit stops of playing with the clickers, I finally got it set up to where I liked it. The bike is super smooth, and the power is great. It's SO much smoother than my 2009 RMZ 250. Definitely a great bike.
  7. ridemotox4

    RMZ-250 Gas Mileage

    I did a 2 hr enduro race on an 08 kx250f, and each loop was 8 or 9 miles.. Every 3 laps we stopped for gas. I dont think the bike was completely empty but it was low. I wasn't on my bike, I know you asked about a Suzuki, hopefully this helps!
  8. ridemotox4

    Lets see the RMZ's

    My '09 and my 2011
  9. ridemotox4

    Lets see YOUR helmets!

  10. ridemotox4

    2011 rmz

    yeah that'd be meee lol
  11. ridemotox4

    Lets see your bikes!

    To tell you the truth, I haven't ridden the bike yet. My dad puts all the extra mods on before I ride a bike when its new.. suspension, exhaust, levers, skid plate, sprockets, aftermarket chain, etc. Ive been letting it idle in the driveway, it sounds incredible. I can start the bike in the 25 degree temps, only leave the choke on for about 30-50 seconds, turn the choke off, and rev the bike real fast, the thing won't stall like my 09 would.. like any old non-efi bike would. The throttle response is incredible and I haven't even ridden it yet.
  12. ridemotox4

    2011 rmz

    says .44 on the stickerr
  13. ridemotox4

    Lets see your bikes!

    My 2011 RMZ 250 and my 09 rmz and my pitbike.. 08 KLX 110
  14. ridemotox4

    2011 rmz

    We just finished my 2011 last night..