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    very troubled thumper

    Guys thanks for the input. Firstly yes the airbox is sealed and the carb is clean. I cleaned the carb right after it started to run badly, and yes the filter is in good shape and clean. since i ride only in the sand i clean and oil my filter on every ride. Originally i had a JD jetting kit on the bike along with a Pro circuit pipe and took both off to return to stock jetting to try to isolate the problem. The bike ran great when i got it originally and i broke it as per the books recommendations. The initial problem was caused by an overrev and low oil in the gear box. Says Honda which to this day i disagree with their reason for the main bearing to go. Anyway its in the shop as we speak and ill update when i get it back. Thanks for the input.
  2. sandbox boy

    very troubled thumper

    fellas I need some help with my 05. I am convinced that I got the Friday afternoon bike. Since new Ive had the main crank bearings replaced, the top end redone with new piston and rings. Now the bike is running horrible, it stalls all the time when I come off the power and won't idle properly, plus when I rev the bike clouds of black smoke pour out the exhaust. the initial problem was a indescribable sound that only showed up when the bike was warm, Not knowing/unable to diagnose what the problem Honda replaced the piston and rings which didn't solve the problem and after much debate on my part they changed the main bearing which in the end was the culprit of the mystery sound. After i got the bike back it ran great, until about a two weeks ago when this new problem started. please advise........