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  1. chain sprocket has chewed up main shaft on 2 bikes . anyone know of a aftermarket or new design of sprocket. seems to me this would be a common problem on this bike!
  2. rednogan


    occasional missfire back through carb at idle .. carb has been cleaned and has new coast enrich diaphragm... any ideas intake valve too tight??? or what?
  3. rednogan

    85 xt600

    occassional cough back through the carb at idle ..carb hasbeen cleaned and has new needle seats and coasting diaphram....
  4. undefinedundefined 85 xt 600 new piston rings etc. starts easy and idles but upon acceleration or at steady throttle it misses and pops out the exhaust sporadic. any ideas
  5. rednogan

    1985 xt600 plug fouling

    1985 yamaha xt600 this bike has 12000 miles and has a supper trapp exhaust w/added disc's seems to run better but it seems the spark my be weak and starts kinda hard and when running seems to want to clear out upon acceleration but fouls plugs cleaned out the carb. but tend to think it is a spark issue any ideas help!