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  1. JN1975

    used honda parts- list what you've got!

    75 XL350 Speedo, tach, headlight, front signals(lenes broken), wire harness, regulator and rectifier. Does that CB450 have a title or is it just a parts bike?
  2. JN1975

    xl350 Questions

    I recently picked up a 75 xl350 for free. I stripped off what was left of the street gear and installed 14/48 sprockets with a 520 chain. I want to use a 36mm Mikuni and a supertrapp in the future. My hope is to be able to go vintage racing with it. How will this do against the two-strokes? What would be a good baseline jetting for the Mikuni with a stock motor? It seriously needs to lose some more weight-are there any seats/tanks that fit that would weight less? Any other tips would be appreciated.