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  1. Railroad Bob

    SP600 compression release removal

    Hi guys, I've been around the site for a while but don't post much- until I saw this SP600 thread! I also owned one of these rare birds; it was my daily driver/main transport in LA for a few years. I put about 16,000 miles on mine and did all the work myself...changed out a clutch at about 10K, etc. It was a challenge having a kick only bike in LA-- always exciting when I would stall it in the middle of huge intersections. But to get back to the subject, somewhere I have the full svc. manual for the SP, which would show all the clearances, etc. It is presently lost in a maze of boxes, but if I can find it, I'll PM you Larkin. By the way, do you remember what the letters "SP" stood for? I knew they had some kind of meaning, but can't remember. I currently have an '07 DR650, a much better bike in every way, but I still enjoyed my years with the apple-red SP6! I traded it in on a Kawasaki W650 in 2000, btw, which I still have. Another rarity!
  2. Railroad Bob

    New 08 DR650 - What should Icheck?

    All I've done so far is the chain-roller mod and a "Southpark" sticker on the white number plate on my '07. Oh and a couple of alien stickers to go with the Southpark guy. I will get to work on Kommando's list someday; that all sounds good. My last DP bike (a Suzuki SP600) I rode about 30K miles with nothing but a super trapp exhaust mod. That bike was kick-start only; my only transportation in LA city for a few years. Stalling it in a big busy intersection would get your attention... Old guys like me don't take elec. start fer granted!
  3. Railroad Bob

    Dr650 stock seat woes.

    I've been a lurker here for a few months with nothing to say, but since I just got a newly minted 07 DR-650 I'll chime in. I sold a 400/SM in order to get the bike with the bigger motor. The 400, though better suspension, just did not have enough steam for socal fwys. etc. I did a 150 miler yesterday and the stock seat was fine, 'cept for the last 50 miles where it got a little hard. The drz400 seat was far worse; I could feel it after about 12 miles. Anyway, glad to be in the "steel cage" that is Thumper Talk. The "Thunderdome" where "two men enter--one man leaves..." So far does not seem that bad! Ouch!