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  1. I ended up using a Q4. It came with the 1-3/8 spark arrestor insert. I then turned another insert to bring the opening to 1-1/8. It is definitely quieter for sure, but I don't have any numbers. I think a stock WR would be quieter, I would have gone that route if I could have found a used one. I may have lost a little power throughout the range, but it really isn't noticeable to me. The bike still revs quick and has plenty of power. The Q4 has a lot more volume than the stock can.
  2. chappyd

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    I would IF, and big if the buyer is dead serious, and because I know the condition of the bikes I am selling. They are vintage YZ's, a 1978 400 and a 1983 490. I won't part with them cheap, and that is why I would be willing to prove the cylinder condition. But that's just me.
  3. chappyd

    GYTR tuner

    I see a yamaha GYTR tuner for a guy is selling he bought for his 2018 YZ250F. Will it fit a 2017 YZ250FX? When I try to look up one on the web it looks like a different P/N then the one he has in the photo. Yamaha actually doesn't show one for the 2017, but the 2016 has a P/N of 33D-H59C0-V1-00, while the picture of the 2018 for sale locally is 33D-H59C1-00. Will either work? Thanks, Dave
  4. chappyd

    17' yz250fx clutch plates

    My 2017 FX drags the clutch too. The only time I notice it is if I don't let the engine warm up for a minute before putting it in gear. After that it's a non issue.
  5. chappyd

    The I Love My FX Thread

    Ok , I'm in. After doing a little research, I decide to pick up a leftover 2017 YZ250FX. I thought about the YZ250X, but the 5 speed tranny was a no go for me. I love this bike. I have a 1/2 mile track in my backyard, and while that is fun, when I took it to my local MX practice track I was hooked. A little background- I'm just about to turn 60, been riding dirt since I was 13. There's just nothing else like it for me. I've always had a little trouble with the tall modern bikes, so I decided to have Factory Connection work my suspension for me, and lower it 1" at the same time. I am very happy with the results. The seat is at 36.5", the stock kickstand works just fine still. I can swing a leg over without issue, and reach the ground when needed. At the local track I can skid both wheels sideways into the berms with complete confidence and rocket out of the turn (90 deg turns) and on the 180's it's just riding the rail around and flying out to the next turn. Picking a line and holding it requires no more than me thinking about it. Jumping I'll leave to the younger guys, I skip the doubles but will do tabletops all day long and the bike is fine with those. I'm a happy camper with my FX.
  6. Did you use the Tusk kit from Rocky mountain for parts? I was planning on doing something similar over the winter to get a plate for my FX.
  7. chappyd

    What did I do wrong..

    Just saw you got it set. Have fun!
  8. chappyd

    What did I do wrong..

    Took another look at your picture. Definitly the wrong holes. The spokes should be crossing about the center of the distance from the hub to the wheel. Yours are very close to the hub. Done a bunch of wheels now, but I always take a picture with my phone before taking the wheel apart, just in case.
  9. chappyd

    What did I do wrong..

    Are you sure you have the right rim? Rims are specific to hubs, you just can't use any one with the same number of holes. I thought I could get away with a 32 spoke rim for a cr125 on my XR250r, but after I laced it up it looked like yours. Got the right rim and it went together right. The holes in the rim are drilled at the proper angle for the hub it is going to be laced to.
  10. It sure looks like something let go. Was it running fine when you found this? I would start looking for what it came from... part of a piston skirt maybe?
  11. So I finally got to ride my bike for a day at the local MX practice track after getting the suspension done and lowered. Holy shit I love this bike. I have never had a bike that handled anywhere near as nice as this one. The suspension simply works, and the bike is a hoot. It's like it's on a rail, I can stuff it into a berm drifting both wheels, then rocket out the end of the turn. Front end doesn't wander, just goes where I want it without any worry. I haven't experienced anything like this, very confidence inspiring, so I'm pretty excited. Can't wait to go back next weekend.
  12. chappyd

    Handle bar controls for streel legal mods

    I had planned on ditching the turn signals myself, but on the Tusk kit they really are so small and out of the way I left them on. If I'm on the road, I like giving all the cage drivers more to see.
  13. chappyd

    Handle bar controls for streel legal mods

    You can't go wrong with the tusk kit. I've used it on 2 bikes now, and it is just ridiculously simple. Oh , and it is cheap as well. 1st bike was a 2009 WR250F, second was a 1993 Honda XR250R. The only thing I would bitch about is the wire harness is generic, and there is more wire than is needed so you end up having to make loops and secure it with zip ties. Not a big deal, and I plan on buying another for my 2017 YZ250FX to get a plate for turkey runs and such here in New England.
  14. I just had mine lowered by Factory Connection. 1". I also bought a link they sell which lowers the rear another 1/2", and that is more to correct the bike's geometry than to lower it. This is the first time I have done this, it ain't cheap but I wanted it to be done right. I just got it all back together last night and will ride it tomorrow. Now the seat height is 36.5". I can set both the free sag and be at the recommend rider sag as well. I'm 60, ride at about a mid-good C rider level. This bike is my 60th birthday present to myself. The bike as received for me the suspension felt kinda harsh, but I figured the bike is set up for more aggressive guys than me. I had a 2009 WR250F and when I took it to the MX track it was way too soft, that's why I went with the YZ250FX. Sitting on it now I can touch both feet. Plus I can swing a leg over without issue.