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  1. Well it helps to have the right parts! So I replaced both tensioner & the guide, and the timing chain. Rode it yesterday, and it seems ok, the noise is gone. However, I am not able to get the timing marks exactly lined up with the head. Although the motor ran fine while riding, it started stalling at idle which it didn't do before. Just want to post a photo of how the timing marks line up the best I can get it- the photo is with the "T" perfectly lined up with the mark in the window. If I line up the timing marks on the gear exact with the top of the head, the "T" is off about an 1/8". Is this ok?
  2. I think you are right. Pulled the head off tonight and looked at the gasket. My bike has a 78mm bore, and the head gasket was for a standard. Checked it against the old gasket, quite a difference. It was protruding into the cylinder significantly. Ordered a new oversize set tonight. Thanks
  3. New parts are on the way!
  4. No, the cover is off to set the cam/valve timing.
  5. Lost internet for a day yesterday- So I ran it set the way you see here. Seemed ok, still noisy. Tightened up the valves just to eliminate that as the noise, was still there although could be coming from the lower end. Can't tell. Decided to change out the timing chain and adjusters. New parts are on the way. The piston is oversize, but I didn't notice anything thing that might interfere. I'll update this thread as I get into it more. Again, Thanks for the replies Dave
  6. So adjusting the valves did nothing, they were ok the first time. Off comes the valve cover and reset everything. Attached is a pic of the Timing gear as it sits now with the engine at TDC. This is as close to equal I can get it. When I took it apart tonight it was 1 tooth back from this, and the difference from timing marks lined up was towards the rear, and greater than what you see here.
  7. The cam is solid. No movement there at all, so I'm guessing the chain hasn't worn yet enough to change it. I am going to check the clearances again and see if it makes a difference. I did them yesterday, but I was already at my wit's end and my patience was wearing thin. Being somewhat of a 4 stroke newb, I never touched the valves the first time I took it apart, and everything was fine. Beginners luck I guess. The motor's been nothing but strong and quiet until I changed the gaskets. Thanks for the tips !
  8. Cam chain adjuster- not sure if it is stuck, how would I know? When I removed the head the cam was out, and the adjuster pulled to be slack and had a pin in the top like the manual shows. When I was done I pulled it out and the adjuster dropped down. I only have the manual decomp and it is slack. Torque specs - yep All parts are accounted for- I only changed the gaskets
  9. I'm just a tad frustrated here. Starting at the beginning, I picked up a 1993 XR250R a month or so ago. It had been sitting a couple of years & wasn't running, so I started going through it, and here is what I did- Pulled and cleaned the carb, pulled the head and cylinder, removed the piston & rings. Piston looked really good, so I pulled the rings, honed the cylinder, cleaned the ring grooves in the piston. Checked all the clearances and put it back together. I do a lot of wrenching, but never had one of these type engines apart, so I was a little apprehensive about how it would go. Bike ran absolutely awesome. I've been riding it about a month, always ran just fine. Last weekend at a local track, it started leaking oil, so I stopped riding. Went home ordered a top end gasket kit. When I started to take the bike apart, I noticed it was just the valve adjusting cover had come loose. So I figured I may as well replace the gaskets anyway, since I had them coming and when I took the top apart when I got the bike I reused the old ones and the valve cover had a little seep. So I pull it apart to taking the head off, replace the gaskets and put it all back together. Now I have this rather loud clattering noise, definitely coming from the top end. Bike starts up fine and seems to have power, but haven't ridden it, just run it for a few seconds. I've had the valve cover off 3 times today, double checked the valve timing, and the valve clearances. All check out OK. Is this the kind of sound a loose timing chain will make? I'm guessing it to be worn/stretched based on looking on the internet & the manual. I was going to replace it too, but when I went to do it I didn't have the tools required so I put it back together thinking it's running ok, and the season is almost over I'll just ride it till winter comes then do it. Thoughts on anything I may have missed? Thanks, Dave
  10. Who is the seller you got them from?
  11. Looking or a new seat cover or my 93 xr250r. Bought a quadworks seat cover off of ebay, but it is super thin garbage. Any ideas or sources would be most welcome. Want to buy a quality item only. Thanks
  12. I recently picked up a 1993 Honda XR250R. It's pretty rough on the outside, but seems pretty good on the inside after some TLC. Going to ride it for the rest of the season, then will strip it, refinish it over the winter. The fuel tank is in really rough shape, not sure if any amount of sanding/polishing is going to get it looking decent. So I'm looking around and not seeing much for tanks other than humongous ones. I don't need anything bigger than stock, and I really would like to get a red tank. The question is, what years fit a 1993? Is it year specific or is there a range of years that would work? Thanks, Chappyd
  13. Coach Robb, thanks for the input. I got the shot, and it seems to have been very helpful for the discomfort I was having. However, my shin is still just as numb as it was before and there is still no reflex in my left knee, so it must simply be blocking whatever is going on. I attached a picture of the X-ray. It's not the greatest picture , but you should be able to see the lowest vertebrae is off. Do you really think is repairable with physical therapy? I do know someone who recommended a therapist who works with athletes, and I will look her up when I need to rehab the shoulder. That surgery is on the 25th, so only about a week and a half out. Even the back doc who gave me the shot asked if I had thought about which direction I wanted to go after- he had suggested either fusion or a decompression surgery, both of which look kinda scary.
  14. I am 57 years old, and I am going for an epidural injection today for my lower back. I had a problem that started last labor day weekend. I planted some small trees and afterwards my lower back was a little sore. 2 days later I went to the local MX track to ride and every time there was a little jump or whoop that caused the lower back to say don't do this. So instead of just stopping I "took it easy". 2 days after that I ended up in the ER with severe back and leg pain. They diagnosed it as sciatica, and said it would go away in 4-6 weeks. My left leg also became numb in the front of the shin and there is no reflex when the doc hits it with the rubber hammer. The leg is still numb, though it has improved to a point. I get sensations and weakness down both legs now, taking advil seems to help. looking at the x-ray I can easily see one vertebrae that isn't where it should be. Anybody have any stories to share about the injections? I haven't ridden the bike much since this happened, just some short very easy trail rides.last December I had a day off so I decided to ride the bike on my little trail in the backyard. I took a spill and in the process hit something with my left arm extended. pain was immediate. I picked me and the bike up and got back to the house. After a visit to the doctor and going thru the motions of phyiscal therapy (which only made it hurt more ) the insurance co. finally approved the MRI which showed a complete tear of the rotator cuff tendon on the top. ( I was told there are 4, one in front, back, and 2 on the top) ... Surgery is scheduled for Feb 25th. I have a lot better feeling about the surgery than I do the injection today- it just seems the injection is a temporary fix, while the shoulder is a real repair. Any thoughts about either procedure would be welcome. Thanks, Chappyd
  15. Thanks for that info. Really would like a whole bottom end, or a new complete engine. It's too bad he went ahead and put the money into the top end, so there's already about $400 invested in this 98-02 engine. Add up all the other parts, and it gets stupid expensive. It's obvious this engine was badly abused by the previous owners. Both the head & cylinder were pried off with a screwdriver, leaving relatively deep marks on both. The guys that repaired the cylinder did a great job fixing that, plus repairing the groove and replating the cylinder. I fixed the head. We did use some JB to repair the marks where the cylinder goes on. Suffice it to say he won't go look at a bike on his own for a long time i think.