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  1. So I checked out the one you linked on Ebay. He had it for $219.95, with a "make an offer" Button. A little scratched up but looks to be whole. No returns accepted. So I threw out an offer of $150. He comes back with $215- a whopping $4.95 off. So I think about it for a bit, then figure the cost of a new one is double that, so I go to $200. He comes back with $215. WTF? I can understand if you want what you are asking, don't bother with the offer feature. Why use the make an offer feature if you really don't want an offer?? I think I'll just keep looking, I don't need it today.
  2. never mind, found them in the WR450F thread.
  3. You happen to have a part number for it? I can't seem to locate that in the parts fiche.
  4. Really?? I look at the OEM parts fiche on the Rocky mountain ATV site. On the 2017 YZ250FX, the part is #1SM-14750-A0-00. On the 2017 WR250F the part is 2GB-14701-00-00. They also look completely different. The FX is shown as a closed unit, and the WR has all kinds of parts inside.
  5. Nice. Does it bolt right up with no modifications? I had a 2009 WR and it was pretty quiet. Does it matter what years? I mean do you know if a 2017 WR is the same? What year is your bike? Thanks!
  6. The WR and the FX mufflers are quite different. I looked at the exploded views on the parts fiche's. Plus the WR has the spark arrestor. I would buy the WR muffler if I knew it would fit.
  7. So I just got my 2017 YZ250FX. While the bike isn't overly loud, I need to make it quieter. Most of my riding will be done on my extra lot, and the neighbors aren't that far away so I want to remain on their good side. So far I have been OK with my habit of riding only in the mid day on the weekends, and between 3-4 on weekdays while most are still at work. I don't mind spending a few bucks, but I want to see/hear a noticeable difference. Looking around the forum I seem to find all kinds of conflicting information. So straight out , is FMF's Q4 substantially quieter than stock? Is it the quietest way to go? Thanks, Dave
  8. Picking up my new YZ250FX this Friday. Curious to see what it will be like in regards to this issue. I'm older and ride mostly closed course/mx tracks now. I've had 3 bikes with the rekluse in them, and I was astounded at how much I liked it. I have 3 bikes now, all vintage no rekluse and I don't really miss it. The first bike I had that got one was a KTM 300, and the problem I had was stalling in rock gardens, going to put my foot down and not having any ground in reach and going over. the rekluse solved that problem! no stalling! And yes, my clutch control sucks, lol.
  9. I turn 60 next month. Friday I'm going to pick up a brand new 2017 YZ250FX. Happy early birthday to me! I have some vintage stuff now, and up until this year wasn't riding much after a fall I had a few years ago. Trashed my shoulder. Had surgery on that, and also lower back 8 months after that. (not bike related, had spinal stenosis). Stayed off the bikes for about a year after that. Been a couple of years since. The back is good, the shoulder is weak but I can live with it. Hoping my body and time will be able to make it stronger. This year started to exercise regularly and also ride much more often. Staying close to home with a 1/2 mile track in the back lot, and I also go to a local track about an hour away once a month. I've learned that I don't need to go fast, don't need to race my buddies, don't need to win. When I say that it sounds like I was a racer but I was never that good, I just liked to ride fast and push it like a lot of guys. When I went over the bars and inured my shoulder, I wasn't pushing it, I was out of shape and not riding often. Now I ride strictly for fun, and yeah most days at the track I am among the slow guys, don't jump doubles, and always pull over for the faster guys. At this age it's a lot more fun to go home tired than hurting. I have nothing to prove, I have to go to work Monday morning, and if I don't get hurt, I can go riding tomorrow!! Now it's all about the fun. Yesterday I rode my 1983 YZ490 for a 1/2 hour moto in my backyard. I'm a happy guy
  10. I'm sure it will look like this again soon. I literally had just finished up the wiring and putting the plate on when I took the picture
  11. Thought I'd share some pictures of my XR250R that I just finished going through over the winter. The project got stalled when the frame got held up at the powdercoat place for 2 months. I picked this bike up last summer off Craigslist for $600. It wasn't running when I got it. Brought it home and started pulling it apart. There was some water in the exhaust and on top of the piston. Disassembled the top end, cleaned it all up and checked the clearances, and everything measured up ok so I honed the cylinder and reassembled it. Seemed to run pretty good so I rode it the rest of the summer and into the winter. I took it all apart over the winter and to my surprise most everything was in pretty good shape. I am the 3rd owner, and I think the 1st owner took really good care of it, while the 2nd owner not so much but I don't think he rode it much at all. It has been bored over to 280cc, suspension done and is working very well. I foungd the tank next to impossible to clean up, so after much looking ended up buying a Clarke oversize tank and Maier plastics. Fitting all the new plastic was an exercise in fabrication and tweaking to be sure. I got the lights working and got a dual sport kit from Rocky Mountain, and now it's registered and ready for a few more adventures.
  12. I was wondering what years fuel tanks will fit my 1993 XR250r- Will a 1996 tank fit on the 1993? Looking at parts schematics show different part numbers for every year, maybe because of graphics? Thanks
  13. Well it helps to have the right parts! So I replaced both tensioner & the guide, and the timing chain. Rode it yesterday, and it seems ok, the noise is gone. However, I am not able to get the timing marks exactly lined up with the head. Although the motor ran fine while riding, it started stalling at idle which it didn't do before. Just want to post a photo of how the timing marks line up the best I can get it- the photo is with the "T" perfectly lined up with the mark in the window. If I line up the timing marks on the gear exact with the top of the head, the "T" is off about an 1/8". Is this ok?
  14. I think you are right. Pulled the head off tonight and looked at the gasket. My bike has a 78mm bore, and the head gasket was for a standard. Checked it against the old gasket, quite a difference. It was protruding into the cylinder significantly. Ordered a new oversize set tonight. Thanks
  15. New parts are on the way!