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    Stuck Hot Start inside Carb!

    Would a Stuck HotStart lead to an overheating engine??
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    Big Problem plz help

    Hi I'm new to the fourms here so bare w/ me...LoL I have an 05RMZ 250 w/ a lot of mods done to it. Twin Air Mod (Took the Backfire Screen out) PC High Compression Piston PC Cams Whole Hinson Clutch setup and its runnin off C12 Well due to a track season and my parents not wanting me to ride i couldent ride for 3 months, and my bike just sat at performance cycle the mechanic said that it was done after the first week but they wouldent let me go get it, well anyway 2 days ago i started it and it started pretty easily well i went out and rode and it was running really good, then i washed it came home and went out the next day and the bike was giveing me crap starting it took a pretty long time. the mechanic said he checked the valves and they were fine... well today i went to start it and it wouldent start. so i thought id try a bunch of stuff to try and get it to run, i changed the plug, i cleaned the carb thinking the pilot jet was clogged or something, then i gave up untill i got the idea to pop start it. well we pulled it w/ the quad and after like 30 seconds of pulling it started, but i noticed it was running really hot and backfireing, well i rode it back to the garage and noticed i didnt clamp the Boots on tight enough on the carb after that was done i went for another ride and it was still getting hot, i looked in oil check glass and saw the oil was looking dirty, so i changed the oil and filter thinking it was too old and the filter was getting cloged, so i went for another ride, and it was the same thing it got really hot and the radiator was getting hot to where i couldent even touch it for over 10seconds w/o having to pull my hand off, then i decided to match up the new plug w/ the old one and the new one was a CR9EB and the old one was a CR8EB, so i swapped the old one in and went for a ride, same thing it got kinda hot but is it because the coolant was still warm from before?? is it normal for a bike running off C12 to get this hot? It hasent boild out yet. Is something wrong?, or am i just over reacting, someone plz help me i really wanna go riding for my 2nd time in 3 months tommrow Thanx