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  1. I'm fortunate that my house backs up to lots of acreage, and I've cut a lot of riding trails through the trees and ravines. I got a little overconfident on my 2006 DRZ S on Friday, and took a pretty good spill at speed, and all 300 pounds of DRZ came down on my right achilles. Fortunately I had good boots on, and escaped with only a few bruises on my 52 year old carcass. Now my fork is twisted in relation to the handlebars. I've read many of the posts from others who had the same problem, and have a couple of questions (that I should have been able to figure out the answers to): 1) are the "lower triple clamps" the clamps that are located at the top of the fork boots (just below the headlight)? If so, it sounds like I loosen the two bolts on the outside of these clamps? 2) then, loosen the axle pinch bolts, and either a) force the handlebars back in line while holding the front wheel between my legs, or put the front wheel against a wall and pump the front end to get things straightened out. Is one of these two options - a) or - better than the other? Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. zerbitini

    Ungraceful Getoff = Twisted Fork

    Thanks for the feedback guys.. sorry no video as I was too busy flipping/rolling through the woods. Yokomo - I am in Shawnee - far west out by the Kansas river. Where are you?
  3. zerbitini

    Dumb Question

    Not required by law in any state I've lived in. First "mod" I did to my S was to remove it. Just pull the seat, remove two bolts and you're set.
  4. zerbitini

    3 MUST HAVES for your garage

    DaveI, Epoxy garage floor paint works great. I have built 6 houses, and used the epoxy on the last two garage floors. It cost me $300 to do a three stall garage, plus two full days of prep and painting. I used the paint from Griot's Garage (car accessories). The only downside is the paint will chip if you drop a sharp tool on it. Otherwise, it holds up fine against solvents, oil, brake fluid, etc.
  5. zerbitini

    Qustion HOW TO TAKE TANK OFF & ON WITH FCR39mx on

    My tank and petcock also hit the choke knob on my FCR MX, and it is a VERY tight fit. A plastic lid from a margarine container solves my problem. I just lower the tank until it contacts the choke knob, and then I slip the plastic lid between the two surfaces, and then gently pull/slide the tank down past the choke knob. If you put the lip of the plastic lid over the choke knob, you don't even have to hold it (it stays in place). Works very well!
  6. zerbitini

    Smashed Horn Button

    I haven't seen anyone with this problem before.... but somehow, I managed to destroy my horn button. Must have been one of my "ungraceful getoffs" in the woods. The sides of the button are still intact, but the face is gone. It must have taken a direct hit from a stump or a rock. The rest of the housing is fine, and the horn works. Does anyone know where a replacement can be found? Hopefully I can just get the horn button itself. Thanks in advance!
  7. zerbitini

    I can't wait till Christmas day

    Sweet.... almost as nice as the Montgomery Ward, Tecumseh powered, centrifugal clutch mini-bike my brothers and I had back in the late 60's. You have a lucky son!
  8. zerbitini

    Its not an ENDURO!!

    Enduros are what some of us Geezers rode back in the 70's. It is hard to break old habits, so we sometimes refer to our Dual Sports as Enduros. (but we do know what an SM is!)
  9. zerbitini

    zipty for the fcr-mx

    esad, I had the ZipTy fuel screw, along with the FCR-MX kit, and it did not work at all. I was debating returning it - as you are. But... as you'll read in subsequent posts, if you follow Burned's advice, and remove the 100 pilot air jet, and replace the 45 pilot jet with a 42 pilot jet. the ZipTy works fine. p.s. to viktobravo: why order the pilot jet from Sudco? All the local cycle dealerships have them - at least in the KC area.
  10. zerbitini

    FCRMX Pilot Jetting Assistance

    Ditto what lovematt said. I was having the FCR-MX bog issue that several others have had, and neither the original FCR-MX fuel screw, nor the aftermarket ZipTy fuel screw was having any effect. So, using Ed's recommendations, I pulled the 100 pilot air jet out, and put in a 42 pilot jet since I'm using the ZipTy fuel screw. I have a stock exhaust, and the 155 main jet. The results???? The bog is gone, and throttle response is instantaneous! The FCR-MX pulls HARD, and lofting the front wheel is too easy. I'm thinking that this was all an elaborate ruse to give us repeated experience pulling, and replacing our carbs! Seriously.... trying the different jets was educational and worth the time and effort. Thanks Eddie!
  11. zerbitini

    In 'N Out Again - FCR Tips/Tricks

    As txrider points out; when reinstalling the tank, the clearance between the tank and the choke knob is very tight. In addition to lubing the rubber doughnuts, I found that slipping a margarine container lid (or other slick plastic lid) between the two, allows the tank to slip right on.
  12. zerbitini

    Eddie Help please!!

    I switched to a 40 PJ on my FCR-MX from TT store to take care of the low end bog, and burbling.... and the burbling is gone, but it still isn't as crisp as the old (re-jetted) BSR off of idle. Runs strong otherwise. Strangely, my fuel screw has to be turned all the way in still for the bike to run well. If I back it out at all, it will start stumbling. I'm also wondering if I need to go down to a smaller PJ???
  13. zerbitini

    What tool to screw allen's on the FCRMX?

    By the way.... Sears has the set of ball end hex key wrenches on sale, through today.
  14. zerbitini

    What tool to screw allen's on the FCRMX?

    They make allen wrenches with "speed tips" on them that allow you to screw in the bolts at a slight angle. I got a set from Bike Nashbar last year, and use them all the time. Usually, the bicycle mail order houses have them on sale this time of year (Nashbar or Performance Bike). You can also get them at Sears, or a hardware store. They make the job easier and faster.
  15. zerbitini

    FCR installed

    I had the same issue as Eagledriver and Chainlash. The airbox boot seemed too short. No problem with carb clearance though. The carb sits in straight and I have 1/8" clearance for the throttle cables without moving the engine mounts. I'm installing the smaller 42 pilot jet this weekend to fix the off-idle bog.
  16. zerbitini

    Older dudes

    50 here.... and I've had my 400 S for a year. Just upgraded to the FCR-MX and Dunlop 606's. Ripping through the woods is as much fun today as it was in 1975 on my Kawasaki 250. Next mod is definitely a set of SM wheels.
  17. zerbitini

    FCR MX Carb

    Neil, Lead time here is a week, so mine should be in Monday or Tuesday. $4.60 is pretty reasonable. If you can't get one, let me know and I can post one to you.
  18. zerbitini

    FCR MX Carb

    Neil, Did you get your pilot jet issue resolved? I'm awaiting the arrival of my 42 jet still.
  19. zerbitini

    stock drz carb. extended fuel screw help.

    I had the same concern, and simply drilled a very small hole in the head of the extended fuel screw, and used a short length of fine wire to tether the fuel screw. It is still easy to adjust, and will never go anywhere.
  20. zerbitini

    FCR delivery impatience

    Or just clamp a small pair of vice-grips on the sides of each of those 4 bolts and pop them loose. It is simple, easy and effective.
  21. zerbitini

    FCR-MX installed, need some help

    Eddie, I just pulled my FCR-MX, and confirmed that I have the 45 pilot jet. I am running the 155 main jet because I have the stock pipe. EMN needle on clip 3 from the flat end. I have to screw the stock fuel screw all the way in for the bike to run well. If I back it out, the bike will die when the throttle is blipped. Would you recommend the 42 pilot jet for me as well? Thanks!
  22. zerbitini

    FCR-MX installed, need some help

    I have a very similar issue to Neil and 1wheeldrive with my new FCR-MX kit from the TT store. I've gone back to the original fuel screw per Burned's suggestion, and that helped eliminate almost all of the bog, and the burbling/hunting, but the off idle throttle response still isn't crisp. Other than the off idle issue, the FCR-MX performs flawlessly. AND, the bike runs best with the fuel screw turned all the way in? So, I believe the next step is a smaller pilot jet? Burned, what size jet do you think I should try in place of the original 45 pilot jet? Thanks!
  23. Dellis, Have you disconnected or defeated your kickstand cutoff switch? When jumping, your kickstand will partially pop down and cut your power. Common problem. Not sure about going up inclines though....
  24. zerbitini

    FCR-MX Question for Burned

    Burned, I pulled out the FMS01, and replaced it with the original FCR-MX fuel screw. When adjusting the original fuel screw, I found that I could screw it in all the way and the bike would still idle fine. When I turn the fuel screw out, the bike will die if I blip the throttle while clutched??? Fuel screw all the way in, it runs fine. Great acceleration, easy wheelies, bog gone. Should I go leaner on the pilot jet... or leave as is? If you recommend a new pilot jet, what size should I go with? Thanks!
  25. zerbitini

    FCR-MX Question for Burned

    I installed the FCR-MX yesterday.... everything went smoothly. I am riding at 800 feet, stock exhaust, 155 main jet. Everything is per the "Burned Kit". The improvement in performance is very noticeable.... except off idle. I now have a hesitation that I didn't have with the old BSR carb. I've also noticed that when I'm just cruising, or decelerating, that the bike "burbles". This may be normal? The real issue is the hesitation. I have the FMS01 fuel screw, and thought that perhaps it wasn't set right, so I turned it in - all the way - and the bike continues to idle fine?? If anything, the idle increases with the fuel screw all the way in. Turning the fuel screw out 3 or more turns makes the bike start to idle roughly. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.