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  1. dusk

    SDG Question

    It has a mikuni carb, not a clone. unless its a faux-kuni because it is stamped as a mikuni. I think im just going to drop in a GPX Moto 160 because i feel like parts will be hard to find if i went the fix-it route.
  2. dusk

    SDG Question

    Hi, unfortunately, I'm blessed with a father and brother who know nothing about motocross, or reputable brands in the industry, or how to fix anything on a motorcycle for that matter. My dad was real eager to spend his money on my brother and bought him a SDG Speed Mini without consulting me first. Long story short, I'm having problems with the third gear on the thing. If you can ever get the bike into 3rd, it will sputter (acceleration feels smooth but then gets real rough like the gear is all f'ed up) The clutch is also very stiff. Is there any chance this could be just a clutch issue? If so, will honda crf50 parts fit in the bottom end? Thanks
  3. i wanted to place an order for the black ones becuase i get a sick discount.. but i was informed that they are not available till mid april early may
  4. dusk

    AMA Fair Class Act Passed???

    personally, i think whoever came up with the notion that the classes should be changed should be kicked in the face by a horse. i ride a crf250r mostly but i do also ride 2 strokes. The way they would structure the classes would be 250f's going with 250 two strokes. personally i think that is unfair, a 250 two stroke has way to much power to be racing with a 250f. and the thing i think is funny is that this rule only applys to ameture racing, why do the pros still get to ride 250f's in the 125 class?
  5. dusk

    Handlebar placement!

    i like my bars in a straing line with the forks. again, its all personall preference, but if you have them too far foward it does make cornering a lot harder.
  6. dusk

    Pump Gas

    i used to run whatever sunoco's highes was.. i think it was ultra 94, im using 91 now cus sunoco got rid of the 94.the only difference i noticed was less bank in the wallet. it is probably better for your engine because of the cleaner burn, but i wouldnt lose any sleep about using 89. if your looking for more octane go with the vp u-4.. great stuff, you can notice a definate difference with that, but at 10 dollars a gallon, i would use it spairngly
  7. dusk

    casing a double

    just as mentioned above... it really depends on how its built. i cased a doubble on my local track and it bucked the rear up and i flipped over the bars, but on other ones i have just nutted myself and hurt my wrists and rode away fine... its probably best to avoid casing them though
  8. i feel like a complete noob asking this.. but im trying to do a film burn transition in a movie im making.. heres an example of what i want to do im currently using final cut express 2.0 and it would be great if anyone knows how to make a film burn transition... thanks much
  9. dusk

    Electric Moto-cross

    yeah, just dont ride in the rain or accidentally hit puddles or crash into a lake
  10. dusk

    230 hand grip question

    yeah i wouldnt worry about it, if you have the tube all the way against the bars one of two things can happen.. it can stick open because it cant move freely, or if you fall its going to crack.... but the tube should wiggle a bit
  11. dusk

    Oil Changes?

    i used to change both oils and the oil filter every 2 rides.. but then i realized that some times i would ride for an hour sometimes 3.. so i started doing changes every 4 or 5 hours
  12. dusk

    230 hand grip question

    are you talking about the throttle tube itself? if so is it alot of up and down movement, or a slight amount? the tube should be able to move slightly, this way in the event that you crash or fall the tube wont crack
  13. dusk


    the link you gave is to your acutall photobucket account... if you log in and select the picture that you want to post there are 3 boxes with links in them.. highlight the one that says url and copy and paste it into a reply, this way we can see the pic
  14. dusk


    how hard did ya kick the damn thing hopefully its not gonna cost ya too much, a pic would help diagnose the problem
  15. dusk

    Any 2007 pics???