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  1. dleland

    Radiator ?

    engine ice, best radiator fluid on the market. I can ride my 05 WR250F as hard as i want, never overheats
  2. dleland

    Blue Or Yellow

    Yellow for sure.
  3. dleland

    Is the pipe really worth it?

    I just bought a used Procircut T-4 and it makes a big difference. Not only is it lighter, but it provides much better power from the low end all the way up. Takes about 4 minutes to install. If you can find one (preferrably used) i would go with it.
  4. dleland

    Deaths in Motocross

    It happens, just like injuries. It is unfortunate, however it is no different than race car drivers, speed boat racers, and sky divers; you have to accept the risk if you want to have the rush.
  5. dleland

    250f vs 450

    4 stroke for sure. I have put $250 into my once stock wr250F and the bike (with the proper rider, not me) can keep up with any bike on the trail and even on the track. It is fast and has tons of power.
  6. Any suggestions on brand or where to look online ? I would prefer a enclosed trailer with a side door (8 x 12 maybe).
  7. dleland


    The other guys responded well to the suspension. Not sure what year you are talking about but from my standpoint (own a 05 WR250F) regarding power: -the bike come with the POTENTIAL to have tons of power. However, you have to make some free modifications (mostly easy) to get ahold of the power available. 1/ cut the gray wire (details available on this site) 2/ remove the baffle from the exhaust 3/ cut out the air box and put vents in ($8) to provide more air to the air filter. 4/ replace the air filter ($15-25 depending on the kind you want) with a better one (I have a Twin Air). 5/LAST and MOST IMPORTANT: cut the throttle stop down so you can actually use all of your throttle. Yamaha puts a big throttle stop on the bike for some reason, have to get that off asap. If you only want to do free things, adjust the throttle stop, cut the gray wire, and remove the baffle. This will increase performance and power.
  8. Procircuit T4. I put one on my 05 wr250f and took it out yesterday. Loud as can be but it also works for you. Provides better power from the low end up.
  9. dleland

    Honda CFR250X pipe

    My buddy has a 2005 Honda CRF250X pipe. He wants to obtain a after market pipe without obviously breaking the bank account. Anyone have suggetions on the best pipe out there that won't leaving you eating peanut butter and jelly for 5 months?
  10. Pro Circut T4 without question. I put one on my 2005 wr250f this week and road 50 miles yesterday. Thing is load and increases performance from the low end all the way up. Great pipe and extremely loud.
  11. dleland

    DR.D v bills pipe

    I put a T-4 pipe on my 2005 WR250F Friday night. I went to Wayne National Forest and put 50 miles on it. Pipe provides much better power from the low end all the way up. Great pipe!