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  1. Thump Paul

    Motard Thread

    Hi we race motard in South Africa and will be posting pics we race thumpstars 110 and 125 and they are awesome ,whole season and no problems.Motard on pitbikes is gettig huge over here.
  2. Thump Paul

    Pitster, Thumpstar or Xtreme?

    They all seem like good bikes I currently ride a thumpstar 110 and race motard on it and ride it in the dirt just change tyres and away we go have had no problems with spares and the bike is awesome.I way 100kg and am 6ft3 and the little machine takes me everywhere.Will be upgrading to the 125 and will post pics of our motard bikes,its the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
  3. Thump Paul

    Thumpstar Jumping

    Could you please let me know why you say thumpstar is rubbish as I am the importer for Africa and any feed back is good we work closely with the factory on improving the bike thanks.