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  1. if you guys wanna shoot me some price i may do it in a few weeks i will see about it. exactly what mods have to be done to the forks. and do you have everything i would need like clamps and what not. will the 10 in rim work and would anyparts be needed. thx oh yea rindfuss32@aol.com
  2. i got a 6 year old that needs better suspension but isn't ready for a different bike. will these forks bolt on. what about rear suspenion. thx
  3. I went to his shop and met him when i was having him do a head for my quad. Him and the other guy there are nice and very honest. They'll tell you what works and whats a waste of money.which most shops wouldn't do. His head work on my quad was amazing and i coulnd't have been hapier.