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  1. harrohans

    So...How Much Fun?

    the wheels make it so much more fun! when i 1st rode it in sm trim the 1st thing i noticed was how quickley it turned in. it feels 2foot shorter! the 1st corner i got to after the wheels went on at 1 am scaired the crap outa me lol. the bike also feels more stable and the drop in height is so much better! supermotard wheels rule!!!!!
  2. harrohans

    my new drz-400sm

    hey nice sm did u get a new tank? or did u strip the clearcoat and take the decals off? and whats the tube thing at the back
  3. could you maybe post a pic of ur slipon? would like to see it on the bike if thats kewl?
  4. harrohans

    *repeat* big 3x3 Thanks

    hey thanks for the file!
  5. harrohans

    *repeat* big 3x3 Thanks

    and me to pwease?? thanks very much! supermoto_kicks_ass@hotmail.com
  6. harrohans

    Just want to show you my DRZ SuperMoto

    hey nice DRZ i really like the graphics whats the product name of them because i cant find emon motovisions site cheers!