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  1. t-seven

    MX De Nation Live updates

    OOO like this.... and what about the second heat, didn't even finish top 15... wrong again... next england, sand track .... will us-team even show up ??? remember last year in Lierop, much bla bla less riding...
  2. t-seven

    MX De Nation Live updates

    Like last year when was a sand track, we didn't see any US rider .... will say once more, if Everts didn't crash in the last heat... it was Belgium overall... but crashing is part of the sports. "as fast as K-dub and Tedesco" ?! they got smoked by GP riders or did you see a rerun of a national...
  3. t-seven

    MX De Nation Live updates

    didn't ... said quote " sorry for the good guys here ..." I really don't understand these people, they know shit about the sport and only if " they" win, then oh yeah then they have a BIG MOUTH... sorry man, I know there are some nice people in the states, every year I travel at least 3 times to states ... so I now how friendly they could be... but some of these so called facts... pfffff damn man really wrong there.... I already said it once, learn dutch and look at our forum, we don't put on a big mouth like some of you do here. Here's a link to the prono of MXdN, I'm also in it with a bet that US would win so ... be objective because every year something can change... and then these words makes a writer just look like an idiot http://www.mxworld.be/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2278
  4. t-seven

    MX De Nation Live updates

    Also blind this one... anti american ??? read our forum and you will see how NOT ANTI american we are ...
  5. t-seven

    MX De Nation Live updates

    And how old are you little Bush 11? Go and have your milk and go dodo You only can talk english you guys, so the brain thing... so wrong... but then I'm sorry for you guys that you have such an attitude...
  6. t-seven

    MX De Nation Live updates

    Every year I come to states to see some really great sport ...NBA. And yes, you guys are the greatest in that game, I love the game... But you win one and you lose one, but there has never been a forum here in belguim that has such an amount of trash talks like this one. Come to www.mxworld.be and have a look... ooh yeah but you can not read our language, but still your acting like you are everything, damn I was wrong in you guys. Look up the list and come again with your so called facts, US bla bla... example Zolder 2003 RC THE BEST( find it also the best), rest ...mmm... maybe a top ten place after a season MX1 !? You guys you win this year, and your full of it, how is that possible? is that THE AMERICAN way to feell good, tought it only was your president that said such things, but I was wrong .... Put them together for an all year, and we shall talk again .. You know, have a look at our forum and you will see that we have a clear look at this thing ... we don't talk sh*t like we are the best and so on.There is even one of you guys that tells something about a crash in the past, well same to us today if you had seen the race and knew the points and how it works, otherwise RC would have won the race and Belgium overall same thing guys.... sorry for you good guys here, but some of you look to much at that "you know who in the WH" PS they even posted a link to your forum, because a belgian press photographer saw this and badly suprised ... one true thing ... you don't love the sport, as long as you US dudes can say that the US is the best, the rest doesn't mind ... otherwise you would have had a look in past...