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  1. i lost my fuel screw and i was gonna order a stock one i think it comes with everyting i need the oring washer and spring and screw is that correct? i had an after market one it had a larger o ring on the back side i cant remember if the stock one had it i havent messed with it in a while. the bike is a 07 450 xcw 39mm fcr
  2. i took it apart and its a turbine style spark arrester. i didnt know if there was a plug like the exc
  3. is there anything i can do to the exhaust to open it up. it looks like its just a spark arrester in there but just checkin if there were any mods?
  4. is the stock pipe and silencer good on my 07 450 xcw or is there a better flowing pipe out there? i took apart the silencer and checked it out it doesnt look too restrictive but i thought i'd ask some other opinions. just lookin for more snap, and a more explosive powerband.
  5. i wiped out yesterday and snapped my bars. i need new ones but not sure what to get. i like the big bars but they are pricey and need adapter or new clamp. what about steel vs aluminum for regular and ideas.
  6. is it ok to take off the backfire screen?
  7. thanks man i'll give it a try, i think im gonna do a search for freemods too
  8. i have pulled the baffle on my gf's 150 but i would like to rejet id. all stock other than that. i live in maine about 70* temp. altitude is 600ft above sea level. i want to smooth out the throttle it breaks up on bottom when you crack the throttle. no throttle response at all. any help would be appreciated
  9. not sure if the 230 has enough torque to keep up the front end when shifting