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  1. Does anyone know if the valves or cam on these two engines fit either?
  2. nickconcrete

    K&L Cam Timing Chain

    Joel, you da man! I bought a 1982 xr250 as a project for my boy. Pretty good shape but it had a bad rocker and jumped time. You know the routine, tensioner, guide, valve lap, gaskets, etc. Got some dollars in it now and Honda wanted 140.00 for a chain. Last hurdle. You saved me some $$$$$$$$ THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  3. nickconcrete

    K&L Cam Timing Chain

    I found what is said to be a K&L cam chain on Ebay for a third of the price for OEM. Are these for real? Anybody know anything about them?
  4. nickconcrete

    xr250r head

    I just bought an 82 xr250r in which the previous owner said all that was needed was a timing chain tensioner and a new guide. Well he was partially correct as I opened up the motor and found they were definitely worn out. I looked at everything else and found most in pretty good shape and was going to order the new parts. Well..........after looking at my clymer manual, I see that the head has oil grooves where the cam rides. I don't have those grooves. I'm in trouble ain't I? Got to get another head don't I? Suggestions?