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  1. hi ive been debating about putting a 4spd trans in my xr50 with an 88 kit. i was just wondering how much of a difference would that make? are all the gears longer or are they the same? approxamatley what would i top out at?
  2. i have a xr 50 and the stock clutch is going i think im just going to do the 4 speed tranny when i do the clutch also just wondering what kind of top end i will have.
  3. I was putting my rear brake back on and it almost seems too short now that i have the i shock am i going to need a different linkage arm for it now or will i be ok?
  4. thanks a lot guys!
  5. so im going to rebuild the fors on my xr50 anything i should know before i do this. im assuming its a pretty simple set up on the inside. the reason im talking them apart is because theres a clunk when they extend out and theres some play or something in them when i brake.
  6. i live in MN and have an 03 xr50 with a takegawa 88 kit +1 forks and an i shock. i need to rebuild the forks. im also considering selling it and getting a pitster or something like that.
  7. yeah thats what i thought thanks man.
  8. 1. I'm looking for some new forks. i found a set of BBR SP-5s for a decent deal and was wondering if those are nice and looking for some other brands also. 2. when i crack the throttle on my 50 it bogs down and a lot of the time when i ride it. i have to have the idle set high for it to not do this. could this just be because its cold out and its not jetted for cold riding? thanks guys!
  9. ok any other ideas before i take it apart?
  10. hi guys i just recently purchased an 03 xr 50 with the two brothers fork tubes on it. when i brake hard it has some play and its in the forks some where, when i hit the lip of the jump and the forks extend out it clunks i'm just wondering what my problem is? thanks a lot
  11. well if he was gonna do the ramp he shouldve had an idea about how fast he needed to go cause you dont just go hit one the day you learn how to ride
  12. way better than doing homework...
  13. im soo gonna try that on my pitbike...jk thats crazy
  14. yeah ive done it all its running pretty good now thanks for the help
  15. well it ran great until the electric start broke then i just kept getting more and more problems but i got them all solved but this one but i drained the gas and bought a fuel filter and that seemed to help