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  1. domerickson

    Starting Problems

    My '84 xr500r is developing a nasty habit of dieing on me when it's in neutral. Sometimes I'll be downshifting and the it'll die then, when the clutch is in. When this happens I'll try to start it and it will fire up. No matter what I can't get it started and I usually have to let it sit for a while. It'll then fire up on the first kick. Happened one time in when I was out in the middle of no where and had to pop the clutch to get it started. Any ideas as to what might be causing this? Thanks, domerickson
  2. domerickson

    street legal '84 XR500r

    I'm in Utah so I think that it only needs a brake light and a rearview mirror. The previous owner never registered the motorcycle, but he said that it was a clean title. domerickson
  3. domerickson

    street legal '84 XR500r

    I recently bought an XR 500r and want to make it street legal so I can get to the trails by my house. Does anyone know what needs to be done to the bike to get it there? And where I would be able to get the parts? Thanks.