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    two problems dr 350 1995

    the stand switch was one problem , thanks . the other problem is too lean ? where do you start, to find the right jet or the right air / fuel mixture ?
  2. tinman2

    two problems dr 350 1995

    I have a 1995 dr 350es , it has been sitting for about 8 months in the shed . anyway I changed the oil and drained the gas also the battery . It started up , but I have two major problems . Number one when you put it into gear it stalls , it will only start with neutral light on , not with the clutch pulled back . number two it will run at idle fine , when you try to rev it up it will spudder , but you can get it to rev . Then it will run excessivly hot , so hot that the front of the exhaust pipe will get cherry red . I took the carb. off and cleaned out and it does the same thing . Any ideas of where i can start to solve these problems ? thanks Tinman2