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  1. it sounds like you turn it into a pitbike.
  2. just to let you guys know, I've ordered a new 05 crf50 for £695. should be at my door middle next week. the reason i brought the little honda was because is was at a good price!!!!!! plus im die'ing to see what the whole honda are better than knock off is all about, seeing how I will be the proud owner of both. not really sure what im going to do with the little crf50......... my thumpstar is still going to be my frist choice bike to ride and play with
  3. your guess, is as good as ours
  4. get a Kitaco Power Rev CDI Unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hey that is great vaule for money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm really interested in the engine. could you please tell me if you would ship it to the UK if i pay for the shipping? thanks
  6. a $300 knock off bike is for little kids! if you get one, and ride it hard and something goes wrong and hurt yourself dont blame the bike, remember you made the choice to buy a bike that was design for kids only. use your common sense.
  7. www.monkeybike.co.uk
  8. i got my exhaust insert from www.monkeybike.co.uk it fits really well, but you have to drill a hole in the exhaust.
  9. check in my garage to see pics of my exhaust insert.
  10. hey just back from testing the new CDI unit........ And YES it make a big difference!!!!!!! its so much quicker now, throttle response is clean and crisp, and it does rev higher...... hugely recommend........ its almost like riding a new bike again, evey one should buy one, only cost me £60. THIS PRODUCT DOES WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. just got my Kitaco Power Rev CDI unit today........ I've fitted and the bike is running well........ I've not test the bike yet....... its pissing down with rain at the moment!!! there is one thing I did notice, when the bike warmed up and is idiling, every 2secs the exhaust note changes abit, its goes from idiling to a thump thump sound back to idilng and then back to the thump thump sound and it repeat this again amd agian..... is it meant to do this? I've got the pics in my garage if any one wants to check it out.
  12. IMO.... the 11bhp at the wheels is pretty good, the whole point of a 145cc engine is, it has so much torque. plus a big cc engine last that bit longer and that more reliable than small cc engines.
  13. hey why dont you be a Guinea Pig, and buy one and let us know how the bike performs?
  14. cool, thanks for info.
  15. so is it worth getting the 17t?