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  1. PhotoMan

    JAP- sumo...vs...french- KICK BOX

    That wasn't his first fight, I think it was his third or fourth. Akebono has fought 7 or 8 fights over the last couple of years, and has only won one...and he was disqualified because he kept beating the other guy after the bell.
  2. PhotoMan

    Bubba's got a tummy ache

    Nationals aside, I'm not gonna pass judgement until after the Supercross season starts. He pulled out of a race that's nothing but bragging rights. Who cares. If he does it when the season starts, then there's a problem that needs to be dealt with. My ¢2
  3. PhotoMan

    Whats ypur favorite MAG?

    My only problem with MXA (aside form Jody being incredibly bitter), is the way they conduct their "pro bike" tests. I was reading an issue three or four years ago that had a test of, I think, Scott Sheak's CR125 with the jist of the article being, "once we changed his FMF pipe to a Pro Circuit pipe, we couldn't tear ourselves off the bike!" What? How is it a test of a pro's bike if they're swapping out parts?
  4. PhotoMan

    Flashback, is this sweet or what.

    Japan went through a retro-revolution a couple years ago, so it's not uncommon to see guys over here riding old school looking bikes with modern ammenities.