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  1. That wasn't his first fight, I think it was his third or fourth. Akebono has fought 7 or 8 fights over the last couple of years, and has only won one...and he was disqualified because he kept beating the other guy after the bell.
  2. Nationals aside, I'm not gonna pass judgement until after the Supercross season starts. He pulled out of a race that's nothing but bragging rights. Who cares. If he does it when the season starts, then there's a problem that needs to be dealt with. My ¢2
  3. My only problem with MXA (aside form Jody being incredibly bitter), is the way they conduct their "pro bike" tests. I was reading an issue three or four years ago that had a test of, I think, Scott Sheak's CR125 with the jist of the article being, "once we changed his FMF pipe to a Pro Circuit pipe, we couldn't tear ourselves off the bike!" What? How is it a test of a pro's bike if they're swapping out parts?
  4. Japan went through a retro-revolution a couple years ago, so it's not uncommon to see guys over here riding old school looking bikes with modern ammenities.