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  1. thanks for the help guys, you have save me a lot of time.
  2. he is the speel. ............*std wr250 2007....*std yzf 2008... *mod yzf 2008 .prim gear...57/17(3.353)......57/17(3.353) .sec gear....50/13(3.846)......49/13(3.769) 1st gear.....31/13(2.385)......30/14(2.14).......30/14(2.14) 2nd............28/16(1.75).......28/16(1.75).......28/16(1.75) 3rd............23/17(1.353)......29/20(1.45).......27/20(1.35) take 27from4th wheel gear 4th............23/21(1.095)......27/22(1.227).....25/24(1.041) 5th to 4th gear .............................5th............17/19(.895)........25/24(1.041).....17/19(.895) 5th from wr 1st gear will be a standard yfz ratio, but should be ok for my application. this means i only need buy a 5th gear for a wr250 2007
  3. hi guys, i have just purchased 4 yzf250 2008 for a tour business in thailand. i need to alter the gearing to similiar wr250 wide ratio specs. does anybody have experience with this? looking at yamaha part numbers, the pinion shaft has a 14 tooth cog rath than 13 tooth, this doesnt seem to be a problem, but i cannot tell by part, numbers if the wr250 pinion gears will fit on yzf250 pinion shaft. the reason i originally purchased yzf over wrf is the ease to acess yzf in thailand.
  4. i spoke with rivayamaha today do not have any wr's or yzf at this moment. does anybody have any other leads?
  5. thanks for reply, i sent them email yesterday after your reply.
  6. i have been talking with hoeng leong in singapore, they have been great but there shipment was delayed from japan and willcome late febuary i need the bikes early feb at latest for maxxis asia open 4 day race for international riders. if you know of any in singapore please let me know
  7. i need help to contact a yamaha dealer in japan to purchase 2 new wr450 2007, the bikes would be airfreighted to thailand asap to race in start of febuary. im not even sure if this model is realeased in japan i have tried dealing with a company in usa but have had no reply, if anybody can put me in contact with a dealer in usa who is willing to do export that would be appreciated to, i can handle the freight side, i need to buy the motorcycles in boxes.(thailand has no dealer for large motorcycles so you would not be infringing on somebodies territory) thanks.
  8. i need help, i need to purchase 2 yamaha wr 450 2007 to have air freighted to thailand asap. does japan have these models on the floor? can you put me in contact with a dealer? it would be much appreciated if somebody can help me i need the motorcycles in thailand to compete in competition in febuary, so they need to bre sent within a week. even if somebody has a contact for a good usa dealer i can buy a motorcycle in the box may be a option. i have my own freight supplier.
  9. thanks john
  10. thanks i guess your figures are probably about the same for kxf max oil height but i would like to check the manual to make sure, if i use to much oil i will blow the seals.
  11. hi guys, i need to know fork oil weight ? fork oil amount standard? maximum? my bike is 05 kxf 250, i dont have a manual and dont seem to be able to download one, some help with these figures would be truly appreciated. awe yeah and also im in thailand so i cant just go see my dealer.
  12. can anybody tell me the the measured maximum strectch length for a 520 chain? ktm use to have it stated in there bike manuals ie; 20 link stretch of chain should not exceed this length.(but i cant remeber the length)
  13. thankyou for that info
  14. thanks this is a good website, but it doesnt have a manual for a o4 yz250f. would anybody online, have a manual they could please check for me, i thought the motorcycle took about 1 litre of coolant from memory, but after having the rings replaced to fill the radiator it is taking 700ml, i cant see any problem any where in the cooling system, but the motorcycle is definately running hotter,but this may be because it is running a little bit leaner with new top end rebuild.
  15. where can i read the manual, if i dont have one?