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  1. sdennison

    Should I keep the K&N filter or get a UNI?

    Depends on the type of conditions you ride in. If you ride in dusty, muddy, nasty conditions then a Uni is the best anything other then that, mainly open road, K&N is ok.
  2. sdennison

    Brush Guards

    I use the acerbis rally myself, I race hairscrambler's and enduro there small light weight and save the hands
  3. sdennison

    Riding alone and getting injured

    strongly advise against it. There is always things you can't explain that happens when you ride. If your alone and get hurt how you gonna get help. I mean where I ride there is no cell service, so usually there is at least 3 of us, one to stay with the one who is injured and the other can go get help if need be
  4. I was wandering if anyone had a plan for a start gate. I making it out of 1/2 square tube but I need the plan to get them to all drop at once.
  5. I need a end piece for a White Bros. E-Series pipe the one with the 45 on it any ideas?
  6. sdennison

    xr 400 plug wrench

    best to find a honda dealer and have them get you one. I've tried to get mine out using a deep well socket, and alas no luck. Main reason is the frame is in the way. If it slips on the plug try and take a piece of an old tube and line the inside of the wrench it will act as a spacer and won't mess up the plug
  7. Just wandering if anyone had a link to plans to build a mx jump, using plywood, metal ect.