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  1. crfs_ownyour

    KDX 200 or KLX 300?

    they have a soft suspension but are very light. so they can handle light mx stuff but no big hits.
  2. crfs_ownyour

    Pros and Cons of 250F's

    Thanks ALOT!
  3. crfs_ownyour

    Pros and Cons of 250F's

    Ok I have a CRF150F playbike with plenty of mods so I can jump and get more power out of the bike, but it just isnt enough any more I think im gonna break it because I ride fairly hard and its too small for me (135-140lbs). I would like an alternative for performance, but I am just doing serious play riding and would like to go as cheap as possible. I am considering a 250F of some brand but dont want to rebuild it every five minutes and have serious valve problems costing loads of money. Can I get away without spending loads of money on engine maintence and just do fairly hard play riding? Should I go with honda,yami,kawi, or zuki? What would i spend on maintnence and how much would i be looking at? COST$$$? I am thinking about purchasing an older yr like a 2000-2003 what are the problems with these bikes? HELP! thanks.