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  1. drzden

    Where to buy Edge Taillight

    I just put my edge tail light on my 05 400s on sat night. It took me about 30 minutes or so, very easy. I had to splice in the tail light wires to the factory connector that came off my old tail light. Pretty simple. You need to take the seat and rear fender off to get easy access to the wires. The turn signals mounted right up, with the original wires to the adapters that came with the kit from Wheeling Cycle. Slickest looking tail light out there, glad I did it. Dennis
  2. drzden

    Coolant Change Intervals

    How often should one change the collant in a drz400s, and what coolant has been the best? Dennis
  3. drzden

    Anyone use Power Pegz?

    I purchased the PowerPegz back in Sept. I had to hammer them on and it didn't come with any springs. I called and talked with someone at PowerPegz and they told me they had rushed it to the market and didn't have springs for them yet. They told me to use my old springs from my stock footpegs. They do not fit very well and the footpegs DO NOT spring back. I really hav not had any problems and I ride mainly dirt single track. Even with these problems and the fact that they shouldn't have brought them out to market before they were ready, I do like them. They are quite a bit larger than the factory pegs and seem much more durable than the factory ones. It is easier shifting and braking with the PowerPegz and I'm glad I got them. Hopefully when the get the new springs, they will remember me and ship them to me. I'm not holding my breath. Dennis
  4. drzden


    Thanks for the info. I am waiting for a call back from PowerPegz to see if they shorted me some springs. Dennis
  5. drzden


    Has anyone put PowerPegz on their DRZ400s. I got the kit last week and was wondering if the kit is supposed to come with different springs, or am I suppose to use the springs off my old factory footpegs. Old springs don't seem to be a very good fit. Dennis
  6. drzden

    Charging battery

    I use a battery tender and it keeps it charged all the time. I just unhook and ride. Dennis
  7. drzden

    Modifying a Clarke 3.9 Gallon Tank

    I installed my 3.9 gal Clarke tank about 6 months ago and had no problems at all. It went right on without any modification other than getting longer vent tube. My bike is a 05 DZ400s. Dennis
  8. drzden

    Drz200 Gas Tank

    Thanks again for all the info. Does anyone know of a skidplate that will fit the drz200 without any modification? Thanks, Dennis
  9. drzden

    Drz200 Gas Tank

    I see some of you are using a 13 or 14 tooth front sprocket. What is the factory sprocket? A 15 tooth? I changed sprockets on my 400s and it made a big difference in tight wood riding. I assume it will be the same on the 200. The stock tank is quite large and will have plenty of distance, but does it dent easily? I'm sure my wife(newby rider) will thrash it. Thanks for the input, Dennis
  10. drzden

    Drz200 Gas Tank

    Thanks very much for the info, I will do those things to it since occasionally I will be riding the 200 Dennis
  11. drzden

    Drz200 Gas Tank

    Just bought the wife a new 06 drz200 and would like to know if anyone knows of an aftermarket gas plastic gas tank. I have an 05 drz400s and have a clarke mfg 3.9 tank on it. I didn't see anything available from clarke that will specifically fit the drz200. Any help will be great!! Dennis
  12. drzden

    *repeat* big 3x3 Thanks

    it would be nice to get that file also toyotaden@aol.com