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  1. mph9146

    Sort of went to the white side-pic

    I think it looks cool! Where did you buy the white plastics?
  2. mph9146

    Lever Rattle

    Tighten the pivot bolt / nut. Adjust the clutch lever. Grease the cable with some chain lube while you're there. I did this to mine and it solved the loose lever...You'd think dealerships would do this as a service... You may want to adjust your brake lever as well...
  3. mph9146

    DR-Z400SM K5 MCCT From TT Install

    Just wanted to add that it took about 15 minutes to install...and...as Burned mentioned...you don't have to remove anything. 5 minutes for the install....10 minutes playing with the adjustment....short drive...play with adjustment...etc. I just left a message on the TT store voicemail stating I finally received my parts. It took 2 weeks for delivery of the MCCT and my Dynojet kit...the postal service here in south Louisiana has been horrible over the past few months...I guess they're understaffed? Oh well...hopefully I'll be able to buy a main jet here locally tomorrow and do the 3x3 mod.
  4. mph9146

    best way?

    I've already machined mine out...I'll trade end caps with you if you'd like....want to meet somewhere between Gonzales and N.O.?
  5. mph9146

    Dual pipes on a 400SM

    Unnecessary weight?
  6. mph9146

    Pictures of my new Graphics kit!

    If you only go trail riding during the day, I wouldn't see why you'd need it. Check your state's off-road motorcycle laws. California: http://home.ama-cycle.org/amaccess/laws/result.asp?state=CA If you DO decide to get rid of let, let me know and I'll take it off your hands for a fair price. Email me if interested. michaelpharvey@gmail.com
  7. mph9146

    help, drain plug torques?

    Damn you must've got the black one!
  8. mph9146

    help, drain plug torques?

    Joker, in what part of LA do you live? Were you the one that bought that SM from D&L powersports? I'm also looking for the same info regarding the drain plugs.
  9. mph9146

    Wheelie Help!

  10. mph9146

    DRZ400-S seat height

    I use the Suzuki Gel seat. Much better for us short people. I'm 5'7".
  11. mph9146

    DRZ400-S seat height

    haha EDIT...just read the subject line
  12. mph9146

    some one should give this a good home!! poor thing

  13. mph9146

    drz weight

    To get the actual "dry weight" most manufacturers claim, you'd probably have to ash the bike in a furnace.
  14. mph9146

    *repeat* big 3x3 Thanks

    I'd like to check out that .doc also...could someone forward it to me? michaelpharvey@gmail.com Thanks! -Michael