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  1. glovrin


    plus ones will work great for what your doing. I-shocks are junk go with Works
  2. glovrin

    Ported 70 Head

    Well i put the head on last night and tuned the carb. The bike rips pretty good definetly can tell a big difference in it from the 50 head. so do you think if i changed to that other piston it would give it even more power.
  3. glovrin

    Ported 70 Head

    Doesn't the 88 kit come with an 52mm piston?
  4. I have the Takegawa 88 S-stage kit with a 20mm carb. What kind of power do you think I would get out of adding a ported 70 head to the motor. Do you think it would compare to any of the other Takegawa heads.
  5. does anyone have a logan built clutch. if so how do you like it. i think it is what i am looking for. i'm looking for a clutch system that will allow me to still have the auto-clutch, but with the added benefit of being able to have an operational clutch lever to use as well, for slippage out of corners or for starts.
  6. glovrin


    has anyone ever heard of leaving the stock transmission, but adding a clutch just to use it to feather. not like the manual clutch kit where you can stall it. like a rekluse clutch for big bikes
  7. glovrin

    2006 wr 450 for street use

    I got my 06 WR450 plated out the door for 6300.00, with the baja kit installed. I guess its who you know.
  8. glovrin

    WR450 on the road

    the 2006 runs great on the street we have two with plates in CA and are planning on running super-moto 17" excels and tires
  9. glovrin

    WR450F price$ in California???

    nor cal or so cal shopping
  10. glovrin

    07 WR450 Fuel Injection

    the raptor 700 doesn't compensate for performance exhaust and is very difficult to diagnose running issues - the Yamaha computer scanner doesn't give you much. I think it would ruin a good thing - more money and more issues for the WR. A 660 raptor with a cheap slip on has more rear wheel HP than the FI 700 stock - adding an aggressive pipe to 700 runs it way lean on the dyno and only adds 1-2 HP - until somebody makes a power commander the 700 Raptor can't really gain any ponies.
  11. glovrin

    05 vs 06 WR450

    The 2006 has noticeably better suspension and a kick ass trip meter that the the 05 doesn't have
  12. glovrin

    CRF450x vs. WR450f -- Tight Trails Weapon

    I sell both and have rode both and the Yamaha seems to perform better in my opinion, but the Honda sells better. The Yamaha hits harder on the bottom and through the mid and weighs less than the Honda and usually sells for less than the Honda. I am riding an 06 Yamaha on the street and with only the "free" mods done and it cruises at 75 MPH and gets there fast. Unless you are looking at the 06 Hondas - you will more than likely deal with valve problems. My thought go with a Yamaha.
  13. glovrin

    06 WR450 mods

    just bought an 06, got it street legal in california. I've been hearing about these free mods what can be done to an 06 to open it up. new to the whole four stroke deal.
  14. glovrin

    06 WR450 mods

    just bought an 06, got it street legal in california. I've been hearing about these free mods what can be done to an 06 to open it up.