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  1. Photo I took at gordons well's last sunday,what do you think?
  2. Finding this thread is a huge relief, I just had the same problem with my 01' 650r and I though I was gonna have to split the case...im stoked its an easy fix, ill be riding on no time
  3. uhh thats ghetto as hell, just buy stiffer fork springs and oil!!
  4. There are e-start kits for the xr650r? and for the rest of the problems im sure they can be fixed with some extra money, not like todays dakar teams are broke.
  5. Ill leave that to your imagination
  6. Alright rad, yeah this weekends gonna be soo fun. keep a look out for me too, just look out for a kid with alot of tattoos and a 650r with a huge 5 gallon clear tank, haha!!
  7. About to take my 01' xr650r to glamis for pres. weekend and was wondering if im gonna run into any clearance problems running a paddle tire? also what cup paddle would you recomend?
  8. Umm that 3-5hp less than stock for the pro-circuit pipe is completly false, I know that baldwin racing and many other desert racers use the T4, theyll tell you they wouldnt use any other pipe on there bikes. I also personaly have a full PC system on mine and the gains were awsome, also the quality and fit of the pipe is perfect.
  9. Dude vintage mx bike were awsome, they may of been ugly but the fun facter was defintly there!!
  10. My 650r Ive done a few little mods to it...
  11. Anybody know good places on the internet to buy them, or just xr650r graphic kits period? the only place ive found was xrsonly.com and there graphic kits are plain ugly
  12. Also you might want to look into a pro-circuit header, I got one on my 01' 650r and it working awsome for me.
  13. where is the idle screw located on the carb though?
  14. They fully built the bike to prerun/race baja. Also did custom supension front and rear.
  15. allittle over 100mph? havnt topped it out yet though but in 3rd gear its faster than my kx250, and i still have 2 more gears to go!!