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  1. Honda125Racer

    Best Jump Pics

    How does that make you feel? holy cow!
  2. Honda125Racer

    Wearing a Leatt Stroupe and Reed Style

    never knew that, right on
  3. Honda125Racer

    Wearing a Leatt Stroupe and Reed Style

    Reed doesn't wear a Leatt he wears the A Stars brace. Those ones come with straps diagonal I believe, but I like your idea. Kind of replicates what A Stars did
  4. Honda125Racer

    "..Only" the SICKEST Black Honda Pix (no red)

    Black is not cooler than red, and red is not cooler than white. But just for fun, here's black.
  5. Honda125Racer

    Post your gooniest

    First 2 are me, 3rd is my buddy
  6. Honda125Racer

    who is the fastest guy on thumpertalk!!!

    You're thinkin of ibGoinAJ. He did in fact holeshot the Last Man Stnading race and ran top 3 for a bit, if I'm not mistaken. It was sick reading about it. Hope he finds this thread and comments.
  7. My 2007 YZ 250. Long live the smoker.
  8. Honda125Racer

    I left the 250f for a....

    Got (getting, pm if you want it) rid of this: For this (the 2t): Didn't enjoy spending a grand on routine top end, and didn't enjoy adjusting valves every other ride. Plus the YZ's fast as balls.
  9. Honda125Racer

    Florida's Area51 Pics

    No pics of the step up? Please tell me those kids on the 85's were hittin it, that would be so gnarly. Sweet pics and nice track as always.
  10. Your're probably thinking of FMX ZAK. Haven't seen him in a while and can't find the pic but it's at Cycle Ranch (I think) and he's jumping 2 tables as a double. He said it was like 150 ft.
  11. Just went out to Ballinger yesterday. Awesome trails and this sick jump too.
  12. any body else get oldies but goodies cd set instead of the supercross race?