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  1. hoz400

    what "dr-z" letters mean?

    De Restricted Ziggy
  2. hoz400

    What is the best skidplate?

    I Have A Whipps Deluxe Bash Plate,strong As And Fits Like A Glove. The Only Problem Is Whipps Are In Australia. IT IS MADE FROM 4MM ALUMINIUM.
  3. hoz400

    Watering out a four stroke????

    I have dewatered my mates wr 450 in the bush,stood it up on the back wheel to get the water out of the exhaust,removed seat and tank,drained the bowl of the carby to get rid of any wet fuel. Took out wet air filter,removed spark plug and then cranked the engine to get the water out of the cylinder. Put the spark plug back in, dried the air filter with a rag and she started straight away. He rode it 100klms back to home changed the oil and it has never missed a beat.
  4. I have an 05 Drz 400e, i have 4500 klms on it. I give it a flogging,i do all the required maintanence and run silkolene pro comp 4 oil ,it does not miss a beat. The valves are still in tolerance never been adjusted. I bought this bike after owning a KTM 525exc, i would never ride anything but a drz from now on bullet proof.