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  1. Woodhew69

    In need of wheels

    I picked up stock secondhand rims with discs, sprocket & bearings for €350. I guess this is around $400 for the US. They were 2 years old but in pretty good condition for off road use. The guy was doing an SM set up. Check ebay and be patient. There are always some for sale.... Good luck
  2. Woodhew69

    On road / off road Tyre choice

    Cheers for the help - I got the rims yesterday so its time to invest. In summary the advice is to drop the gearing down to 14x47 offroad and 14x44 on road. For the onroad set up keep the deathwings and enjoy the mini tank slappers when you put too much power down too early. I'm getting used to it now anyhow. How many miles/kms do you lot get out of the deathwings?? For offroad I cant find the Kendas in France - Has anyone had a good experience with Michelin or Pirelli offroad????? If so what model & size. Nice one
  3. Woodhew69

    On road / off road Tyre choice

    Cheers for all your help here. I'm needing to get the tyres on board soon to get out of Paris for obvious reasons! The Kendas dont seem to be marketed here in France. I can get hold of the Dunlop 606's but I need to know what size you reckon these should be. 120 or 130? Give me the details for you guys int he states and I'll do the necessary to convert.
  4. Woodhew69

    On road / off road Tyre choice

    Just got myself one of these 2004 DRZ-s things, nice.... Picked up a spare set of rims in order to have an on & off road set up. (I'm in France so the trye choice maybe more limited than in the US of A.) OFFROAD I am going to run a 15/47 tooth sprocket I will ride gravel lanes and mostly hard ground off road. some sticky stuff in winter. What tyres do people recommend?? ON ROAD Will run 15/44. Always on the black stuff, the bridestones are rubbish, slipping out at the first sight of rain or white lines. Are there any good on road tyres for the DRZ? Cheers Will
  5. Woodhew69

    DRZ E wheels on a DRZ S

    Thanks for the help. I'll set about the guy with a baseball bat and see if I can get the price down a bit.....
  6. Woodhew69

    DRZ E wheels on a DRZ S

    Cheers for the info.... Any idea on price? Anyone do better than €600 for a pair of newly shod Dunlop sports????
  7. Woodhew69

    DRZ E wheels on a DRZ S

    Excuse my naivety but I have just picked up a DRZ 400E for road use and am looking to get a set of spare wheels for off road play. I have been offered a set of standard new DRZ 400E wheels with brake disc / sprocket attached. These are front (80/100-21) back (110/100-18) shod with Dunlop sports. I note the front is the same but the back wheel for the DRZ 400S is currently a 120/90-18. I am ok to do the change at the weekends? The guy is asking €600 ($600) whhich I guess aint far off a bad price.... Thanks for any help. Woodhew69