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  1. bryanfrombbs2

    Ride the Berg

    I live in Indiana and have ridden off road for 30+ year's I have to say the trail in that video is the one i see when I sleep, it is exactly the kinda trail I dream of riding, in the dream it goes on for ever and never ends. So thanks for recording my dream trail Can you tell me what state it is I am guessing the north west b.wedmore@comcast.net
  2. bryanfrombbs2

    1998 GasGas 250 EC

    OK I have a 98 Gas Gas 250 and I know there are some motor parts that cross over from the Asian bikes (yam,Kaw etc) can anyone help me with this information?
  3. bryanfrombbs2

    Video of The Muddobbers National Enduro

    Oh ya and lets not forget Bobbett and Lafferty are faster than that!!! It boggles the mind
  4. bryanfrombbs2

    Video of The Muddobbers National Enduro

    Robert I cut my bars down to 29 or 30 inches, az426 just a note that is not me, I am n o way near that fast, it is a local AA rider and I belive he rides the A class in the national enduros.
  5. bryanfrombbs2

    Video of The Muddobbers National Enduro

    Yea the trail is good we had a little rain the week of and it made the soil awsome.
  6. http://www.midwestenduros.com/Pictures.htm Here is a link to a killer helmet cam video of the Muddobbers National Enduro a few weeks ago, U can watch the entire enduro, very good stuff, I have ridden this race for over 20 years (it is not me filming, I am way slower than that) It is pretty neat, you can watch the whole enduro. NOTE: This race is ran entirely on private land, the club puts in many hours of work and networking with land owners in the area to pull this off and should be give a big pat on the back. This is the 56th year for the race. Anyway enjoy. Bryan
  7. bryanfrombbs2

    Crf230 to TTR250?

    I have both, in fact I would trade my TTR for another 230 (hight deprived). I have raced TTR's for 10 yrs in hare scrambles and enduros and find it a very good bike, I am old school forestroke guy, My ttr has a White BRo's E-series exhaust and it does just fine in the woods. I had ridden XR's for years and would still if they had that BUTTON (bad knees after 30yrs racing). if your friend wants to trad the CRF for a TTr let me know, the 03 is in very good shape. I got it a few months ago from a guy who rode it on his fram with his kid it was like new.
  8. bryanfrombbs2

    TTR 125: Choke will not stay in up position by itself

    unscrew the knob and see if it has a little rubber o-ring it may have and it could be worn out.
  9. bryanfrombbs2

    Handle bars twist.

    Ok when I am racing and crash (yes I am old and crash) the bars seem to twist in the clamps. Any idea on a fix? it is a pain to keep racing when the front wheel feel twisted, I usally have to stop and bump the front wheel aginst a tree to get it right again. I do have a scotts damper and one piece handle bar clamp, the bars are rubber mounted I think. e-mail any good ideas if you have them b.wedmore@comcast.net Bryan
  10. bryanfrombbs2

    ttr 250 smokey?

    It could be the valves, one may be stuck and the seal is bad, Take the head off, turn it up on its side and fill the port with some kind of liquid, I use rubbing alcohol , let it sit and see if you get any leakage. the top end for the TTR is a lot cheaper to rebuild than most 4 strokes, let me know if you need any thing, you can check out my post on my TTR total rebuild/325 kit on here just search for it I think. I have ridden them for the last 9 years and rode XR's before that.
  11. bryanfrombbs2

    ttr125 01 cold starting proplems

  12. bryanfrombbs2

    ttr smoking

    CHECK THE VALVES CLEARENCE!!!!! AND SEALS VERY IMPORTANT... when you put the big bore kit in did you have the head redone also? It is possible that oil is seeping down threw the valve seals while the biks is not running and after it warms up/burns most of the oil it will still smoke a little either from the oil in the pipe or seeping threw. Bad jetting will not make it smoke it will foul the plug or you will smell it, and feel it while under exceleration. hope this helps,
  13. bryanfrombbs2

    My TTR250 with USD Forks

  14. bryanfrombbs2

    TTR325 Review/Report

    On a side note I just order the kick started kit for the TTR 250 , it ships today I will give a report when it is in, I mostly order it for the compression relese, the big bore kit seems to work the starter and it kick out sometimes and it has shredded the teeth so I order another starter and it is doing the same thing, I think if I have the compression relese and use it when I first hit the starter buttom it will get things moving with less effort and save the starter, that and I want the kick starter for the time you are in the deep woods and the batt might go just as a back up. Ya I know more weight but hey it is a TTR 325 not a wr and is the weight really an issue for a guy like me, I think not
  15. bryanfrombbs2

    Cam for TTR250

    There is an after market cam company that make cams for the TTR 250, I cant remeber the name off hand but know for a fact I found the add in a dirt bike type mag and looked it up on line, it was not the more well known cam companies, it was a small add in the back of the mag. Bryan