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  1. California

    Jerry Counts........what a dipshit !!!!!
  2. California

    Thanks honey, for the update :-)
  3. California

    Sweeet ! Can someone report back about Rattlesnake please ? (open or closed perm). Thanks paul
  4. IVAN,.....
  5. California

    That POS obama is a two faced scizoid SOB !!! Telling peeps how to conserve while he blows trillions on payola !!!!! Frickin MOFO SOB POS MUTHA !!!!
  6. Eeeek !! How about Ontario
  7. California

    The tip of the Sierras, sweeeet !!! :-) paul
  8. Dreamer I bet Honda may have started something on the drawing board for the 450x just as the '07 Crap hit the fan. the end. paul
  9. California

    If you're taking family into the ElPasos, you are locked into EP15 trail/road. From WW head SW to the Football Field (MickCity:p), EP15 is right there at the entrance, on 395. Head west on EP15 and have fun. paul
  10. California

    Supposed to ride down this, just a second and its over. Now this pic is gonna go miles !! Two of my friends rode up this. paul
  11. One word:....Afrin
  12. Sounds good, except: BLM is Fed, Green Sticker fund is State, and presently empty. Robbed clean by Govenor and his minions. paul
  13. Quite obvious. They were earning their (taxpayer funded) Gubment Grant Funds. paul
  14. Damn, you guys did an F'er ride day !!! OM, ribs beats limbs paul