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  1. Fellow Bikers! I need a big favour! I'm 20 years old and live in Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro, and have a huge problem! It is impossible for me to buy a motorcycle here! The prices are outrageous, and it is impossible to afford a motorcycle even with 2 years of paychecks! For as long as I know, I've visited off-road track which is about 3km away from my home and watched every single race there...and then i fell in love with Kawasaki KMX 200! It was a love at first sight! A friend of mine arranged so I coulld try it for a few turns and it was absolutely great! BUT - the price for my dream bike - Kawasaki KMX 200 is around 1000 $ - did I mention that prices for cars and motorbikes are much higher in Serbia than in other european countries??? So, my pledge to you fellow bikers is - can you help me fulfill my dream and buy this motorbike? I would be thankful for whatever you can spare. I can post my bank account here for any of You willing to help. Thanks in advance, Igor Popovski