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  1. Knarf_

    MX De Nation Live updates

    Most Belgians prefer Smets over Everts. He is really a cool guy. Everts can still whine nowadays (the goggles incident with Pichon last year... he acted like a big child there)... But he is Belgian so we are still proud of him.
  2. Knarf_

    MX De Nation Live updates

    Ok, I didn't knew that so forget my remark I know that Townley is going to be Carmichaels Neighbour so I guessed lot's of drivers lived there for some reason but if they are both really from Florida you can forget my remark. Belgiun is almost the contrary of a hotbed for MX. Politicans are trying everything to close all circuits in Belgium (because mx makes to much noise, pollution etc etc). It's like they really want mx to die here To bad we can't view US sx/mx here on television. I only have seen some 30sec low quality internet movies from bubba. Hope he can come to England next year together with RC and another top-driver.
  3. Knarf_

    MX De Nation Live updates

    I hope it to that the US will show up with their strongest team every year. The mxdn is the coolest race every year and without the best team in world it isn't the same. This is our only chance in a year to see our guys drive against the US boys (in fact it is our only chance to see US drivers at work). One question about Florida: Are they both born in Florida or have they just moved there (cause in the 2nd case your argument wouldn't really count... Those Belgians are all born in Belgium). And why wasn't Bubba at the mxdn ? Is he injured ?
  4. Knarf_

    MX De Nation Live updates

    Who cares about qualifying ? Pichon was fastest in all qualifying sessions this year but he only won 1 race or so... And like I said that was because Ramon wasn't used to the bike yet. He hadn't driven an MX2 for 2 years before qualifying. Next year is in England.
  5. Knarf_

    MX De Nation Live updates

    Tortelli fastest ? Ramon -> 12 points Tedesco -> 23 points Tortelli -> 36 points I think you missed 2nd race where Ramon was 3rd... Before qualifying Ramon didn't practice MX2. It has been 2 years since he drove an MX2.
  6. Knarf_

    MX De Nation Live updates

    Maybe you guys should Remember that Belgium only has 9.000.000 habitants. If I am not mistaken that's less then New York alone. So it's normal you can find 3 better drivers in all of the US then we can find in our little country. If we could choose from all drivers from Europe it would be a very close fight. RC is simply the best but Windham was no match for Townley. And Tedesco was nothing against Ramon (who even isn't a MX2 pilot). But respect to RC. He is the best pilot ever. Everts is no match for him.