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  1. audacity

    MI trail groomers

    is it legal to still ride MI's trail systems in the winter? does anyone stud up and ride MI's ORV trails? THANKS
  2. audacity

    Leota - your opinion

    i think leota is one of the funnest places to ride in michigan. there is something for everyone there. it can get whooped in some sections tho. but even when they are they are just big soft rounded sand piles, that i call hero whoops because they are so easy.
  3. audacity

    Where do I take 2 8 yr old boys riding - no sand

    leota does have some great non sand sections...but i would be reluctant to take kids out there in fear of oncoming traffic. when the leaves are down you can see much better. i've witnessed several very bad head ons out there and at lezeurn. i think the best place is the mini race tracks which are all over the place. they are supper tame and you can keep an eye on them at all times!
  4. no where around here! post some dates and places...i am totally flexible.
  5. Interested in riding during the week somewhere reasonably close like Leota or somewhere that is close to the Port Huron/St. Clair area where I live. Luzerne is a great place to camp and ride....I have no problem driving or pulling a trailer. I few years ago I had really good luck meeting some of the Michigan TT members a organizing some day trips. Maybe some track days? Any day is good for me. And have no problem doing some camping. While I have no problem with weekends; I was kinda thinking that during the week we would have the trail to ourselves! Anyone is welcome; guys, gals, bikes, or quads. I can bring either or both
  6. audacity

    Fitness Equipment / Calories Burned

    the polar is going to be a better way to take data all around. nice thing is you can wear the polar on the track and correlate the data to maximize your efforts in the gym....powertap rear wheels are big right now...they measure tq at the rear hub...a dyno if you will and no wires...but 2500 scares a lot of people... let me know what fitness questions you guys may have??.. cheers
  7. audacity

    protein supplement?

    CytoSport makes some of the best products! designer pro is another great product as well....and met-rx as always...i like cytosport because they have a complete line...from oatmeal w/MM in it to what my 1year old drinks...mighty milk...actually the rtd mighty milks are great beacuse they have about 1/2 the cals...if you ever have any ?'s about stuff like this you can call my shop at 810 326 0600. i always take care of fellow MX'ers!!!
  8. audacity

    Healthy Breakfast Cereals?

  9. audacity

    Healthy Breakfast Cereals?

    only one: cytosport muscle milk oats....300cals, 6g fat, 34g carb(<4g sugar), 30g pro...very good product. it comes in different flavors too.
  10. audacity

    Weight Loss and Caloric intake....

    I just opened a new bike shop: SC bicycles. I was an elite cyclist many years ago leaving the sport for other professional motorsports. Now, I'm back and part of Michigan's elite team; Essex Brass. While many talk a good game about what they think they know about fitness, nutrition, and mental performance. I prefer to just go out and prove it.
  11. audacity

    Weight Loss and Caloric intake....

    my thoughts are there are better ways to loose weight than others...but the bottom line is; if you have 50lbs to loose, it really doesn't matter how you do it. congrats on pulling it off. something to think about: you may want to adjust your diet now that you have knocked off a large chunk of weight. you want to increase your BMR not decrease it like a reduced calorie diet will do. if your in Ontario, you must be close to me here in st.clair?...you can always call my shop for help when it comes to sports nutrition/fitness...810 326 0600
  12. audacity

    Cycling / Mtn Biking Training for the motors.

    we have a few HR's in stock and have more coming in all the time...do take a look on amazon, they do have deals time to time...let me know whatcha find. SC Bicycles=810 326 0600...
  13. audacity

    Cycling / Mtn Biking Training for the motors.

    you will find that cyclists of one discipline will always use another to train. sounds like you are on the right track to increasing your fitness level. i take it you have a HR monitor?
  14. audacity

    which stationary bike?

    i would spend the money on a mt.bike and a good trainer vs. $1000 on a good indoor st.bike. that way when the weather clears you'll have the mt.bike...you can also use that combo at the track to warm up too. i am always into helping out mx'ers with programs...you can call my shop at 810 326 0600...i have everything from a entry level bikes to 10K race bikes...
  15. audacity

    The more I workout the less I can do

    running really pounds ya...if are training for a sport where running is involved then ya gota do it....other than that, get on bike more. your fitness level will go up... yes, it sounds like u r overtraining but...but, it also sounds like your body doesn't like it and is having to repair more than just muscle...hit some low impact stuff.