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  1. I was thinking about switching to a 16T front sprocket on my 2005 KLR650. I plan to use the bike for longer trips both on and off paved roads. I plan on carrying a fair amount of luggage. Can anyone share their experience with the 16T sprocket and the extra weight? I’m 5’11” & 180 lbs. and probably will carry 70-80 extra pounds of gear. Thanks.
  2. bmcnamar

    KLR 650 soft panniers

    Help, I know I saw a picture of a KLR 650 with soft panniers on the web somewhere but I can't relocate it. The bike owner had installed something like a Happy Trails side rack and then found reasonably priced soft, water proof panniers. Has anyone seen this set up? Where can I find the soft panniers? Thanks