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  1. Tom Dixon

    The Official 2006 MCCCT Trail Ride Thread....

    Unfortunately, probably never.
  2. Tom Dixon

    The Official 2006 MCCCT Trail Ride Thread....

    Ah very true. Didn't really think of it that way! I guess setting a nice and easy pace would be a pretty good idea!!
  3. Tom Dixon

    All time abest MX photo ever!

    Are you thinking of Pontiac '02? When RC came from behing and on the last triple looked over at MC? I'll do some searching...
  4. Should we take this to Chat? It would be much easier to rip on each other. and much quicker!
  5. Tom Dixon

    The Official 2006 MCCCT Trail Ride Thread....

    Hah! I knew you would. Looking at that map again, I see a whole lot of long whooped out trail. I do know that the connector that runs from North Misaukee to Higgins Lake is pretty sweet. Tim we rode that a few years back when we went to the LMC grounds and rode... Clearly this ride is not for the uncalloused a$$...
  6. Purely speculation. I agree with Raven, after $3.00 a gallon, must of the SUV driving yuppies weren't driving as much and demand dropped. I wonder what would happen if everyone didn't buy gas for just one day? Have you ever thought of how much gasoline and desiel is sold daily? I think it would be a shockwave through the fossil fuel hierarchy. It would hurt the local stations first (even though it isn't their fault) and the progressively much up the chain of command until it hit the big wigs that run the oil companies.
  7. Tom Dixon

    Best State for MX?

    I have been told by some fellow racers that Michigan has got to be one of the best places to ride everything! We have numerous top quality MX tracks and thousands of miles of state funded trails. Seriously, can it get any better than that?!?
  8. Tom Dixon

    Over the boot pants

    Some guys I ride with wear them and have had no problems. They claim to have a beter range of motion in their legs.
  9. Tom Dixon

    D-14 year and review!!!

    That was awesome, I'd buy one and I don't even race MX!
  10. Tom Dixon

    Hply Crap... I'm getting PO'd

    Righty-tighty, Lefty-loosey!
  11. Tom Dixon

    My vid, summer 2005 Play riding

    Excellent movie. That looks like a pretty fun place to tool around at. And might I add that you ride that little TTR pretty damn good!!! Good job!
  12. Tom Dixon

    MXoN 2005

    That was truly amazing. Thanks.