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  1. BigGreen

    My favorite DRZ pic to date

    No Green Ones yet, so here is my best shot so far. http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b232/BigGreen_/MCTrack006.jpg
  2. BigGreen

    Trip to the Local MXGP

    The suspension did just fine after I set the sag and played with things a bit to better support my 215# self. While I do not plan on doing anytyhing really hard core it seems to well with the smaller jumps (seemd large to me). What really blew me away was how well it stuck to the track I had no problems running away from a KX250 in the corners. The landing on this one was butter, hence the relaxed seating position.
  3. BigGreen

    Trip to the Local MXGP

    New guy here just bought a new 2003 KLX400 and have been learking a bit and thought I better start contributing. Here a few shots from this weekend. Nothing big, but sure had fun!! First time with pics hope it works