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  1. I have an 6x10 trailer I bought new in 2008. I have used it for the past fiew years to haul my YZ250 and my son's Raptor 125 quad. I sold the Raptor and got him a Suzuki LTZ400 that has +2 front suspension and rear axle. Has anyone been able to fit similar sized quad and bike into a 6x10 trailer. It is a great trailer and I really do not want to sell the trailer if I do not have to. The z400 measures 49" wide and the trailer is about 68". It does not leave much room for the YZ next to it. Thanks in advance for your ideas....
  2. Does anyone know if a glide plate for a 1997-1999 YZ250 will fit a 2004 frame? Thanks...

    XR80 won't stay running

    I'll check the float height. But even when it does not restart, I've drained the carb to make sure it had fuel, and it has every time. Perhaps it is getting too much fuel and flooding the cylinder?

    XR80 won't stay running

    Just picked up a 1990 XR80R..Starts 1st or second kick, runs for a minute or so. Then it stalls out while still on choke. Then it will not restart until the next time I try, a day or more later. Just did a carb rebuild kit, but the condition still exists. Spark looks strong, needs a new plug for sure. Why would it start once, then not restart. ANY IDEAS??? HELP!!!! Thanks...

    2002 XR80 Carb Rebuild Kit

    Ebay....just got one for my 1990. About $25 plus shipping.

    Jetting for stock XR50/CRF50?

    My brother has a friend that is a machinist and has successfully bored the pilot on other bikes we've had. I am going to have him do it to the 50. I am trying to sell the bike anyway (my son moved up to a TTR90), but if I can get it to warm up faster than the 10 minutes it takes (even in the summer) than I think it will be an easier sale. Stock is way too lean.
  7. Looking for a kids boot that is more flexible. He currently has Fox boots that are so stiff that he cannot shift and has trouble with the rear brake. Does anyone make a lighter more flexible boot? He is 9 and rides a CRF50 but has trouble shifting and braking. He is currently riding in a sturdy pair of hiking boots, but i would prefer he had the protection of a real off-road boot. Thanks...Tom

    My '02 YZ250F

    Could be worse...It could be RED:smirk:

    My '02 YZ250F

    Yes, got it off eBay. It's a Tusk Typhoon rotor. Seems to be of very nice quality. I was shocked at the power increase from the pipe and jetting, it absolutely rips now! Love it...
  10. TGODON

    Jetting for stock XR50/CRF50?

    My son's 2005 runs very well with it's stock settings, however it take a LOOOOONG time to warm up and idle. Is this common? Anything that can be done to make it a little more warm blooded? It takes close to 10 minutes to warm before it will idle. My YZ250F is ready to rip in a minute or two. Thanks... Tom 2002 YZ250F 2005 CRF50F
  11. TGODON

    My '02 YZ250F

    Ready for spring riding...New pipe, jet kit, K&N, rear rotor, chain & sprockets...
  12. TGODON

    2002 YZ250F Jetting

    I already have the DynoJet kit. What will be the outcome of using it with the needle with too much taper?
  13. I am installing a Big Gun Quiet pipe and Dynojet Stage 1 kit on my '02 YZ250F Does anyone have recommendations on jetting, and/or tips? I am located in central NJ, so I am not too much above sea level. Thanks...Tom
  14. TGODON

    Yellow Plastic

    Thanks for the info.....
  15. TGODON

    Yellow Plastic

    Does anyone still make yellow plastic for a 2002 YZ250F? Thanks....