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  1. i think i am going to go play with my pet cock see if there is a filter.
  2. Jakester

    When to Upgrade the kids bikes

    I have the same problem with my boy. he is eleven and huge. he has a klx 125 big wheel that i thought would hold him for at least three years but he totally dominates it and is now to big for it, he has grown four inches in the last three months and now stands a shade under five foot eight inches and weighs just under seventy kilo's. i am buggered if i know what to get him next i want him to stay in a four stroke but if i have to i will get him a two stroke, the local bike shop is stunned at how much he has grown ( so am i) and are recomending a kx 85 i am not sure because he rides my klx 300 better than i do but he cant quite reach the ground, and struggles to pick it up if it falls over. i dont want to hijack the thread but i will certainly be watching with interest.
  3. Jakester

    Honest Answers Riding Poll

    where i ride here in new zealand is a park. its huge with tracks cut through the forest. nothing pisses me off more than riding and seeing the rubbish that lazy bastards leave behind. i can usually fill my back pack withtheir crap. i dont think any one should ride where they are not supposed to because it just makes it hard for the rest of us i dont think this post has much to do with the topic but i do feel a little better.
  4. i think its the fuel. kawasaki over here told me in no uncertain terms to steer clear of race fuel, even at a smaller mix than fifty fifty. it sounds like valve recession which is caused by fuel. i only use ninety one octane, and all the riders i have spoken to and there has been many have said the same thing, there have not been many cases of it and those that have had it have either not adjusted them at all or been using ninety six and higher fuel, the other thing of course is that we may have different additives in our fuel in nz. kawasaki engines in their standard form are low compression so dont need high octane fuel anyway my bike goes really bloody well on ninety one and i dont really see what racing fuel would do for my bike in its standard form. to avoid valve recession you could trya a "hardening" agent like valvemaster., or stop using race fuel? might be worth a try for a while and see if it helps.just my humble opinion i just noticed the leaded fuel advice, down here in new zealand we dont get leaded fuel, maybe some research into the effects of leaded fuel on the valve gear wouldnt go amiss, i am reasonably confident that japan no longer has leaded fuel either, and australia doesnt, and i think mexico is also unleaded only although some one from mexico will have to confirm this. if the valves and seats are designed for unleaded fuel and leaded fuel is being used then yes you can fully expect valve resession.
  5. Hi guys i joined thumpertalk a week or so ago. I have an 05 klx300 and absolutly love it. it has no mods other than a pro circuit exhaust,and i find it to be awesome for where we ride it is a mixture of sand and dirt with some tight twists and open runs. i have researched the 05 model hopefully quite well and hope like hell that i dont get the issue's with valves you guys talk about in this thread, i think personally from reading what is written here that maybe its a fuel issue as much as anything else, it sounds like resession of the seats, having said that i have never seen the head or valves. prior to this i had a kx250 and as long as my arse points to the ground i will never own or ride a two stroke again.