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  1. XxXventorXxX

    I need exacts for re-jet please help

    "Ok then" I think she rips now. Now when I throttle up I have to lean forward to keep the front end down. Thanks. That was where I got the bog on the stand. But that was it
  2. XxXventorXxX

    I need exacts for re-jet please help

    Ok so I installed everything. Runs so much better. But if I nail it I get a bog. Do I need to adjust the fuel mixture screw. It is at 1 1/2 turns out. I did everything as james said.
  3. XxXventorXxX

    I need exacts for re-jet please help

    I would recommend the using red marked needle in the #5 from top clip position with a #158 main jet and a 1-2 steps lower leak jet size (in the 40-50 range). I would also suggest switching to a #42 pilot jet if you want the fuel screw to be closer to 1 1/2 - 2 turns out. A quick adjust fuel screw helps in setting the idle mixture and is worth installing when you have the carb apart this far. Make sure the fuel screw has it's spring, washer, and O-ring when reassembling. Thanks, James
  4. I have spent a couple hours getting my carb out. I defiantly do not want to do this over. I live in Hollywood. I ride Gorman, Glamis,Pismo, La Mirage. I need the jet numbers. I have the leak and main JD kit. I have cut the air-box. While the carb was out I decided to put the Boyesen quick shot on. I have the twin filter with their alloy cage. I have the california model. So please help me get this right. Also anything else I should do before I slap this together.2005 250x
  5. XxXventorXxX

    2005 Crf250x

    I have a new CRF250X I have had it out four or five times. I have ridden it in Glamis 335 elevation and gorman 3800 elevation. All with no problems. Until yesterday my bike rode like shit. I had it at gorman where I have rode it before. The only difference was cold weather. It was very cold. Maybe high 30's. It was late in the day. The bike would not start when warm or idle really unless the choke was on. Low rpms it stuttered. It was very frustrating. It also has the dreaded bog.Also, fresh gas. 70 miles on bike total. Please help.
  6. I was just in looking at a 14 foot fun runner. The price the way I wanted it was 10,500.00 OTD. My question is It is just me and my 8 year old son. I drive a 1993 jeep Cherokee. 4.0 with the straight six. If I bought the small one I can keep my old dependable truck and stay near 10 thousand. or I could jump up to 18 foot and need a new truck. The sales guy at Carson trailers in Carson said there is no mark down. This is the price. Is that true. I read that typical mark down is 20 to 30 percent. I also have not looked at the weekend warrior. So any opinions would be great. I have not yet bought so I am just asking around. I just had the trans rebuilt on the jeep. So in a way that is also why I would like to keep it. Also of course no car payment. Thanks in advance.
  7. XxXventorXxX

    Class 2 to class 3

    I suppose to the frame. It was many years ago and I used to tow an inflatable boat. I am going to grind of the welds and buy a bolt on 3 hitch. If any one wants to stop me please yell out. Thanks.
  8. XxXventorXxX

    Class 2 to class 3

    bump !!!
  9. I have a 1993 jeep Cherokee. I need a class 3 hitch so I can have a motorcycle carrier. The class 2 is welded on fro like 10 years ago. What is your advice. Should I grind down the welds and use a bolt on. Or what do you recommend. I will carry a CRF250. Thanks to all.
  10. A green or Red sticker bike ??? Thank you.
  11. I live in so cal. I want to buy a new green sticker-ed bike. 05 or 06. I just want a bike I can ride year round. It will be a sand and trail bike. Most of my friends ride red sticker so I would like to be competitive if possible. I am so frustrated with this. The people selling the bikes don't even know what they are. Any suggestions would be great. I am a new rider after having a 15 year break.