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  1. Its alabamasanchez
  2. I thought her name was Alabama crab apple:prof:
  3. Ya but whos going to hold a flame to it:crazy:
  4. Hey!!! will have none of that now:prof:
  5. Whay ever you say Scott the AHP,chili dog eating , glass bottom boat lover
  6. I 5 north to hwy 20.stay on 20 till you get to Upper lake.Go through town.The last building on the right is a Pizza place.Take the right,right next the pizza place,go to stop sign.Ranger station will be on the left. Go left,stay on that rd.After a few miles you will see a campground on the right,that is the CC camp,keep going up the hill.Switch backs up and up then once you reach the top a mile or so you will see the Penny pine campground on the left.I guess they paved the rd going into the camp.The sign is right on the rd. We can meet you in Lower lake if you like at 9:30.
  7. arrr,I be Captin Jack,Looks like a good ride.Hope to join yarrrr sometime