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  1. KNOX

    Anyone going to Raleigh Arenacross?

    The event was organized very well. The track was very tight, but had multiple lines and made for some good racing. Here is a picture of myself that made the website. http://www.arenacross.com/photoGallery/Photo_Album.2006-03-19.0321/photoGallery/Photo_Album.2006-03-19.0321/wsr_rbc0306_011.jpg/photoalbum_photo_view?b_start=10
  2. KNOX

    best plastic?

    I have had nothing but bad experiance with Polisport as well. They never line up right for me.
  3. KNOX

    Question for engine guys....

    I have run as high as 13.5:1 on CRF's on 93 with no problems. If I am feeling spendy I will put a litte Octane booster in them but dont notice the difference.
  4. 05 CRF 250R Where is the best place to buy leak jets ? I can't find a #40 on any websites. My bike now has the Bog after a JE piston and Hot Cam. It ran great before the swap. Thank You
  5. I just got it toghether. It started very quick and ran strong around the block. I guess I need to get it on the track and see if it is still bogging. Thank you very much for your help.
  6. 40 Deg. I also just checked the valves and they were just a little tight, and I am in the process of reshiming.The bike is also taking about 15 kicks to start cold. Before it started 2nd kick.
  7. JD Kit w/ 180 Main / Red needle 5th clip I think / Quickshot Would it being cold out that day have that much affect ? I just realized it was a little cold. Thank you for all your help.
  8. Bogs when you are accelerating going through the gears or coming out of a corner, then goes again.
  9. 05 CRF 250R I just finished rebuilding my bike with a JE Hi Comp piston/ Hot Cams Stage 1/ and Big Gun Rev Box. I also added a External fuel screw at the same time. The bike had a JD Jet kit allready installed and ran very strong before the rebuild. I have it all broken in and the bike now has a huge mid to top bog. Any ideas would be appreaciated. Thank you.
  10. KNOX

    Quick Timing Chain Tensioner Question.

    Thank you so much. I thought you had to torque the middle bolt to a spec for proper tension. I went and played with it and figured it out. It is very simple now that I realize you are just releasing the tenion to install.
  11. KNOX

    Quick Timing Chain Tensioner Question.

    Thank you. I still dont really get it.
  12. 05 CRF 250R I can not find in my manuals how to adjust the tensioner after removal. I pulled the assembly out by removing the two bolts. Thank you for your help.
  13. That is a great looking machine. Are you going to be able to get it in the US. Everything I can find says ( Not USA ). Anyone know the price range ? Thank you.
  14. KNOX

    Re-Shim After Cam Swap ?

    Thank you. I figured it out. I was typing in the chart wrong.
  15. KNOX

    Re-Shim After Cam Swap ?

    Thank you. Do you get both for the 80 Bucks ? I cant figure out the shim calculator on CRFs Only Either. It keeps giving me the same shim number.