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  1. magnum_99

    650R Won't Idle Off of Choke

    Update: It is alive! I removed the pilot jet, and it was clogged with a tiny piece of plastic. No idea where that came from, except maybe from the bag it was shipped in. The bike absolutely rips. I spent two days this past weekend ripping about the woods and trails, basically amazed and a little scared of the power. I'm learning how to the ride the monster a little however. What a blast. However, once in a while, it will stall when pulling in the clutch, from low RPM. Is that something the fuel screw adjustment will take care of? Thanks.
  2. magnum_99

    650R Won't Idle Off of Choke

    Ok, thanks. I'll remove the pilot jet and the fuel screw, and clean that area thoroughly. Also, is it normal for the slide cap o-ring to be hard to insert into the groove? Mine is stretched or something...it's almost like it's too big and takes a lot of fiddling while holding down the cap to get it under the cap and seated.
  3. magnum_99

    650R Won't Idle Off of Choke

    Sorry, I did the HRC manifold with the uncorking as well. Should I just hose the inside of the carb out with carb cleaner?
  4. magnum_99

    650R Won't Idle Off of Choke

    I checked the fuel screw. It was turned about 1.5 turns out. I put it back to where it started. Now that I think of it. It wouldn't idle off of the choke before rejetting it. I also turned the idle speed up pretty high while it was on the middle choke position, and it still died when I switched to no choke. What should I do to clean the pilot circuit? Spray it out with carb cleaner? I'll also check the needle clip. Thanks guys.
  5. New 2005 650R. Less than 6 miles on it. I uncorked it: 68s Pilot, 170 Main, Power up Needle--clip on position 3 After reinstalling the carb, it won't run off of the choke. It starts on choke position 3, and will run on 3 and 2, but won't run at all off of the choke...it just dies. Help. Thanks.
  6. magnum_99

    New '07 XR650R for $4900 is sure tempting

    I just paid $4600 OTD for a new, in the crate, leftover 2005 650R.