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  1. 17 times between last October and April. Since April only 3 times....
  2. oh yeah, and have a good air compressor with you. A pancake compressor won't cut it filling up those 35s.
  3. I pull my 34' toy hauler in the sand all the time. I have 37" tires and I let them down to 8 pounds. I have never had to let the air out of the trailer tires yet. Just don't stop until you get to where you want to be. When you leave, ease into the throttle.
  4. JustinMustMoto

    Best Exhaust KLX450

    I ride in the deserts of Southern California and Nevada. So anywhere from sea level to around 3000 feet.
  5. JustinMustMoto

    Best Exhaust KLX450

    BTW Jetting- Main: 162 Pilot: 48 Needle: NCVS, clip the 3rd position Fuel screw: 2.5 turns out
  6. JustinMustMoto

    Best Exhaust KLX450

    I put a pipe on, removed the snorkel and jetted my bike last week, and all I can say is WOW. huge difference. more bottom and mid now. I have a Two Brothers, which is cool because they have a spark arrestor screen and a silencer type insert that you can install to make it forrest service legal (jetting adjustments needed). When you're racing Closed Course and don't need it, take it out and get a little more power.
  7. JustinMustMoto

    Ride report KLX450R

    You don't need to pull the header off to change the oil. Just loosen the clamp at the muffler and remove the nuts at the head. You can then rotate the pipe up and out of the way. Not a big deal at all. It take an extra 3 min at most.
  8. JustinMustMoto

    08 KLX450 Chainslap / Drivetrain Noise

    The white chain roller is a hard material so it makes more noise than rubber rollers. The bike's exhaust is so quiet, it's easier to hear the chain making noise.
  9. JustinMustMoto

    Fun Factor on Dunes ATV or Bike

    I have a $15K full custom raptor collecting dust. I rid emy KX450 everytime, now I just leave the quad at home.
  10. I had a friend pull the front end and swingarm off his Suzuki RM250 and then stuffed the whole thing in his Ford Probe hatchback (this was about 10 years ago). When he showed p in Glamis at around midnight he began reassembling it, and had it ready for the first ride the next morning. It was funny, but it worked.
  11. JustinMustMoto

    Race Around the Lake!

    and I guess the guys that didn't get top 3 don't care where the finished at all.
  12. JustinMustMoto

    Race Around the Lake!

    Well I got second in the Adult Mini 12" Exp (coming from dead last by the way) and guess what??????? my name isn't up there! &%$#@!. lamest result sheet I've ever seen, but then again what else would you expect from these guys.... They will be very lucky if they see my $$$ next year.
  13. JustinMustMoto

    Motard Thread

    the only problem with running stock ride height is that the footpegs touchdown way too soon. I just raced a GP with ALOT of street sections with the new 2bros swingarm and tall shock and a Marzocchi front end. The handling was excellent on the street. Plus I had more room fin the gorund to knee to handlebar area. In fact I was (have to go test riding in Iowa now....) slated to race the Reno Supermoto race this weekend with the same set up plus supermoto wheels. Call two bros they know what's up! Good luck!
  14. JustinMustMoto

    Difference between helmets

    the construction of the shell has alot to do with the price. Whether it's polycarbonate (plastic), fiberglass, kevlar, carbon fiber kevlar weave. The more exotic the material the lighter, stronger, and more expensive they become.
  15. JustinMustMoto

    thinking about racing my quad

    I race Bikes and Quads. and I would say that I've hurt myself more on my race bikes than my race quads. It doesn't matter what you race as long as you do. As for suggestions for racing quads - look into getting some better shocks before anything else. You'll be able to go faster in all conditions with dailed in suspension. As for tires Maxis, Kenda , and ITP all make great race tires. Good luck!!