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    Information Required for non-starting KLR 250

    Thanks for the info Brewster, i think i will just put it all back to what it was like when i had it running and see if it will start. Then if it doesnt i'll check if the resistance on the plug lead is like you said. Thanks again Lee
  2. LeeWat1971

    Information Required for non-starting KLR 250

    I forgot to mention, the bike has the standard plug but also has a Supertrapp end can fitted, i dont know if there was any re-jetting if any was needed done as the pipe was on the bike when i bought it. cheers. Lee.
  3. Hi chaps, you'll all probably spit at me for this but.... I bought a 1992 KLR 250 about 3.5 years ago and had never changed the spark plug (should i duck now ?) i've replaced loads of parts that got damaged off roading from wheels to handlebars to burned out clutches to swingarms, all the bits that dont have much to do with the running of the motor and had no problems that a bit of swearing , sweating, large hammers, angle grinders and beer drinking didnt solve but this one has me stumped. So i'd been putting it off for a while as its a bit of a stripdown to get to the plug (daft idea for an off roader...or is it just me, side panels off, tank off) and it got a bit hard to start so i bought an appropriate plug spanner as none of my existing ones would go down that stupidly small hole its sat in. To my dismay i couldnt get it on the plug without some minor modifications (hacksaw, file and drill). So with modified plug spanner i set about what should be an easy task, to my horror it was seized in so i left it soaking for about 2 weeks in WD40 (penertrating oil) and it came free, and amazingly the plug was in really good condition apart from a bit of blacking probably from my air filter connection to the carb not being seated properly making it run a bit rich and the fact that i'd started it up just to give the cylinder a quick warm up to aid plug removal. At this time i also discovered that the plug hole was filled with that nice off road gunk and the washer on the bottom of the plug was about 3mm (.125in) off the bottom of the plug with a nice layer of crud so it wasnt seated correctly anyway. After finding this i dutifully cleaned all the dirt out from the plug hole area and put in the new plug. I also had to replace the plug cap is it had corroded inside and wasnt making a good contact. Now it won't start............. a freind of mine who is an ex bike mechanic came round to have a look and we checked the carb was free and made sure that the valves were running free and now he is also stumped as there is a spark,fuel and air going in so it should start....but it wont. Does anyone have any ideas ? Thanks in advance (that includes anyone wanting to call me names for lack of lack of basic maintenance) Lee. p.s sorry for the essay but i thought it would be good to give a little backround to the poblem i'm having. p.p.s. I dont normally drive a bike to death like i have this one, but i'd really like to ressurect this little beast as its the most fun i've had on two wheels since i rode my Yam RD 125 LC at 120mph down the motorway 2 up.