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  1. Ok, I figured it out. You don't need the sub-harness if you have an electronic blinker. Also, Take the 3 wire connector off the black, red, and white cluster. Black is ground Red is tail White is brake Yellow is right blinker Blue is left blinker
  2. This is AWESOME! As soon as I saw this CBR tail light, I had to have one................well I got it today. I'm not real sure about the wiring and don't want to trial and error it. Blown too much stuff up that way. It came with what the directions call a sub-harness. Do I need this? Anyone what to share the wiring scheme they used to get everything to work.....including the blinkers? What color wires on the tail light go to what functions? Thanks.
  3. avalanche

    New color combo

    I like the colors. It's sharp looking.
  4. Yes........You could do it for less in Virginia!
  5. avalanche

    Questions about blue plastic kits

    If you are going to sell the side panels individually, go blue.......we can already get white/black. If you are putting together a package deal of body panels.........that can only be ordered as a kit......I'd like to see white so it's same as stock.
  6. avalanche

    folding mirrors ???

    Are these folding mirrors fairly light?.........and do they stay put when you fold them down? I've been removing my mirrors before I go off road. Granted, I've had the luxury of a place to store them as I drive my car to the track. I guess you could hide them behind a tree or something. I try to empty out all the excess weight when I go off road, tail light, mirrors, rack, blinkers, and tool kit if I'm at the track..........but I guess that's not really dual-sporting is it. Not so much a weight thing with the blinkers, but I'm sick of breaking them off.
  7. avalanche

    HeadLight Turn off Switch

    That's pretty cool. Anyone know if the regulator can handle this??? After the battery reaches a certain voltage your regulator stops charging it and dumps all the excess power to the regulator rectifier. That's why it has the big heat sink. If you aren't running the light at all, the regulator needs to dissipate 55 watts more. That's 25% of what the stator puts out. The DRZ already has a pretty hot stator too. I'll bet you're ok, but you might want to keep tabs on the temperature of it......especially if you run an LED taillight, which uses even less power.
  8. avalanche

    Which Cyrcra Hand guard setup with BigDR risers?

    I use Moose handlebar mount handguards with Big DR forward adapters and ProTaper Contours, Suzuki Factory Bend. There was alot of work to get these on my S model. Had to relocate the ignition key and space out the speedo. Then it was difficult to get the front cover to fit back on. I ended up taking the spacers out and bending the speedo bracket forward. I'm just warning you that it's not easy. I'm still not happy with my setup, but I'd rather ride that work on it for the time being.
  9. It seems like every bike I look at here has an aftermarket seat cover. I admit that I don't like the two tone cover my bike came with, but I can't see replacing it for cosmetic reasons. What other reasons are there? Are they more grippy?..............and is that good? I'm looking for justification if you catch my drift.
  10. avalanche

    What do you put on your rack?

    It's the Joe Rocket Manta. Magnetic mount. It's fantastic. I like being able to quickly remove it. It's much better than the rear fender bag. I put all my tools and papers in it and it stays put. The magnets are wicked strong. One flap came loose when I crashed once, but the bag was still hanging on when I picked the bike up.
  11. avalanche

    What do you put on your rack?

    Here's What I carry:
  12. avalanche

    Built a rear rack for my saddle bags

    Nah.....that's just Virginia's finest clay. The cap polishes up nice when I have the time.
  13. What do you guys think? I built this rack and heat shield last Saturday out of scraps I had hanging around. Now I can use my new saddlebags. Need to fix my plate though. The vertical bar on the left side keeps the saddle bag away from the wheel and allows me to strap my chainsaw bar to it while the motor rests vertically on the rack. Any ideas on how to finish it? Paint? Polyurethane? Anyone know how to get something anodized?
  14. avalanche

    anyone have a rear rack for sale.

    HA! After you posted that those fieldsheer saddle bags that were on sale I had to buy a set too. When they got here I realized I needed a rack and a heat-shield for the exhaust. I welded something up this past weekend out of materials I had lying around from other projects. I still have to finish it cosmetically but it works really well. The standoff on the opposite side not only keeps the saddle bags away from the wheel, but I can strap my chainsaw to it for trail maintenance.