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  1. djuosnteisn

    Euro Tail Light for 690 SMC

    veddy veddy nice.
  2. djuosnteisn

    Another should i get it thread... Duke III

    ^^^damnit, maybe less than a month^^^ too many cuss words going through my mind. I want one so damn bad. So i'm likely gonna be riding this thing to work every day, 200mi a wk -> 10400 a year. With proper maintenance, how many miles can you put onto the LC4 without problems?
  3. djuosnteisn

    Another should i get it thread... Duke III

    haha, i'm skinny, what can i say. Excellent, thanks for the reply. I should have a duke in less than a month
  4. Okay, so i'm prob gonna end up buying this bike in about two weeks. There are two new ones in town, one orange, one blk/wht. I started out wanting a husky 510 or 610 sm, but then honed in on the 690smc. Now i'm probably gonna get the Duke, cause i'm only gonna be riding on street and prob never race; plus it's only 20lb heavier. One question that keeps running through my mind though, is 654cc gonna be a big enough bike for me? I'm small, 155lbs, and i'm not a huge fan of 130+ mph. I think if anything just some wheelies and mountain roads. But am i gonna be kicking my self in 2 months for not getting a 1200 crotch rocket or something ridiculous like that? And as an added bonus to the question: orange or blk/wht?
  5. haha, i like how everyone is "hard on the throttle" and "mostly spirited driving". I cant wait to get one. I went to my local dealer to see if they had any SMC's in stock, and they had none, but the did have the 20lb heftier DUKE, and i think i'm sold on that beast. I think it would fit my needs a bit better, though i do really like the integrated sub-frame/gas tank on the SMC, but the DUKE just looks so good, and i already have a dirt bike. Thanks for all the feed back, 60mpg FTW! Bike will damn near pay for itself.
  6. djuosnteisn

    backfiring 690 sm

    hahahahaha I'm ASS U ME ing everyone's air filters are clean? My 450sx spits fireballs, but its not fuel injected.
  7. Anyone know what to expect for mpg on a 690smc? I've been looking at a husky 610smr, but i'd have to drive to pheonix to purchase, and i love my ktm 450sx to death. So, i'm gonna go test drive (keep telling myself that i will ONLY test drive, and not purchase) tomorrow. Just kinda wanna feel out how happy other owners are. thx
  8. djuosnteisn

    nice sm video

    I dont see the video
  9. djuosnteisn

    new clutch, doesn't work... '03 450 sx

    Okay, so this is what must have happened. Clutch was working fine before i exploded a plate (2 plates actually, on bottom of stack), but i must have had mid to low level on my hydraulic fluid. And when i took my clutch cover off, it let the piston relax all the way out. And must have sucked air in the line. So what i ended up doing was putting all the normal new disks and plates back in, and just adding fluid and bleeding the clutch. It works fine now. I should have thought about that in the first place, tisk tisk. Regardless, i bought my clutch from ktm hut, and its a DP clutch kit. They claim that this new clutch makes engagement much easier, but the lever is alot stiffer than before. We'll see if it breaks in any. So far so good, thanks for your guys help.
  10. djuosnteisn

    new clutch, doesn't work... '03 450 sx

    Yeah, i just copied the same order as the stock stack i pulled out. starts with steel, ends with steel. I didn't recall seeing a washer either, but i'm def gonna check for one. I'll get it figured out tonight and post my findings when i get a chance. Its very likely i something is seated well, cause my symptoms are identical to the mention in the video link above, super loose clutch. I talked with a buddy of mine who has a motorcycle shop, and he was saying i might need more plates, but i really dont thinks so. I'm also gonna measure total width of stock stack and new one. I'll have more info soon.
  11. djuosnteisn

    new clutch, doesn't work... '03 450 sx

    perfect. thanks luis. I'm gonna soak my plates anyway tonight, and check for that washer. Much appreciated.
  12. djuosnteisn

    2007 Sm610 or 2008 Sm450r

    I'm stewing on similar decision, but i think i'm going to opt for the 610, since i already have a ktm dirt bike to thrash on the weekends. And my commute is a bit more than yours (40mi round trip). With current gas prices, i could buy the motorcycle and spend the exact same amount of money a month. Honestly though, if I were in your shoes, and i was gonna be using this bike as a short commuter and dirtbike on the weekends, i'd prob opt for a TE 450, or the sm450. Its a much sportier bike.
  13. djuosnteisn

    want to buy a husky... '08 sm510 or sm610

    One more quick question. I also read about the quick power mod for the 510, where you plug the O2 sensor (putting bike in full output mode), is there an equivalent mod for the 610?
  14. djuosnteisn

    want to buy a husky... '08 sm510 or sm610

    man, i'm getting excited, I've been watching so many videos on youtube with 510's and 610's. Just looks like a blast. I'm def going for the 610 as it is more geared for the street. I read that BMW now owns kajiva (however its spelled), have there been some decent production modifications to their bikes? I know for a while in the '90s, husky's weren't quite what they used to be. I'm just curious. I think i'm def gonna get one regardless.
  15. djuosnteisn

    08 ktm 250 sxf bike break in?

    I've seen that link so many times in car forums. In all honesty though, i think dirt bike break-ins are more important than car break-ins. I'd def take it easy the first hour, regardless of any link.