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  1. Thanks for your input guys, looks like new cam then eeeggghhhh. cheers
  2. The engine cranks real slow, i´ve got a new battery,removed,stripped and cleaned starter motor, checked and renewed engine earths,and checked all wiring connections. I´m getting the kick lever back on it and give that a try
  3. Hi Guys, Ive seen some of you have had starting problems with the gas gas 400/450´s. The problem i have is sometimes it will, somtimes it won´t. The problem appears to be this auto decompression device, which has fallen to bits.This was discovered when i took the cam cover off, and found a steel pin lying in the top of the head. Lucky for me it stayed there. I have been in touch with Gas Gas UK who tell me that the device cannot be replaced as a stand alone part, but i would need to replace the camshafts as they come in pairs.This is not cheap. Have any of you had similar problems? did you find a fix ? Your help and advice would be appreciated. Cheers Baz